Top 10 Healthiest Fruits


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1 Apples

Apples have a lot of sugar so there

Apple a day keeps doctor away.

I love apples. You should try them with peanut butter first you wash the apple then you slice it and then you take out a clean plate and take out a lot of peanut butter then put it into the side of the plate then you put the sliced apples in. Last you take a apple slice, shovel some peanut butter on it and the stuff it in you mouth.

It's really healthy.

2 Bananas

This should be #1, no really, this should be #1.

I like them but their not my favorite but they are definitely the healthiest - Orlemley

Tasty on a peanut butter sandwich

I love Hannah are they good for running though.

3 Oranges


My second favorite fruit is also very healthy and rich in vitamin C... yay - fireinside96

One of the healthiest fruits. Vitamin C and moderate amount of calories unlike mangoes. - Kiteretsunu


4 Apricots

I like to eat them dried.

5 Blackberries

I like the taste of blackberries.

6 Mangoes

I just plain like mangoes!

Nice flavor but sucky texture, most overrated fruit. Quit flavoring everything mango as well! Candies, gums, etc

Its delicious, healthy, and comes from the tropics. Fruit that grow near the equator usually are healthy.

Mango are ripe and delicious and of course it is healthy

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7 Grapefruits

Very fantastic fruit for heathy.!

This list isn't a matter of opinion. It are facts. Fact is that grapefruit is the most healthy one. It's full of vitamines.

8 Strawberries

Really? This should be no. 1!

Taste like nothing!

I love them and I think there very healthly

It's a fact, sry guys^^

9 Blueberries

Depending on which type they can be extremely healthy and full of vitamins like the Alaska blueberry for example, they are full of different vitamins c:

Blueberries should be higher because they are very healthy I know

How do you spell the word and poo heads

I think they are better frozen

10 Pomegranate

Eat it all the time l ask my mom for them

YaY I am eating pomegranate right now! :D - Xoxo1

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11 Grapes

Grapes are the most best fruit in the world. I'm glad I LOVE them because they are so scrumptious - urnotmecuzimme

They. Are so súper sweet

Grapes are sweet regardless if there red or green.

12 Kiwi

Kiwis are the best fruit ever. They are sweet yet tangy and just overall completely delicious! I love them so much! Plus they are full of vitamin C, they have more potassium then a banana, and much more!

My doctor told me that medium kiwi's have more vit C than a large orange. And it has more Lutein and Zeaxanthin than even spinach (those are eye anti oxidants). Kiwi's gives me energy too.

13 Cherries

Rainbows grapes are good

14 Watermelons

I have to say this one. It's sweet and mostly water. And very refreshing on a summer day

A watermelon a day keeps the doctors away

Tastiest fruit ever

Yummy and filled with vitamin a and C.

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15 Pineapples

It is SUPER healthy because pineapple contains antioxidants which prevents heart diseases, arthritis, various cancers, and many other things. Pineapple also contains vitamin C and bromelain which helps cure cough and cold. Pineapple also has manganese which strengthens bones. A cup of pineapple juice gives you about 73% of the manganese you need per day. Pineapple also strengthens your gums and keeps your teeth healthy and strong.

16 Acai
17 Pears

Pears are really YUMMY! They are also good because they help your hair grow really really really good! - urnotmecuzimme

I hate them

18 Avocado

The most nutritious fruit out there. - Abdelwahab

19 Papaya
20 Lemon

They are just sour but good

21 Limes

I also love lemons. Especially if a lemon pie is being prepared.

22 Gooseberry
23 Tomatoes

People think it is a vegetable, but it is a fruit. Hands down the Healthiest Fruit EVER!

24 Olives
25 Pitaya
26 Raspberries
27 Cherry Tomato
28 Mandarin Oranges
29 Star Fruit
30 Peach

It should be in the top ten!

31 Plums Plums
32 Nectarines
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