Most Heart-Breaking Rock/Metal Songs

Some of the most depressing and sad Rock/Metal songs that make you want to cry your eyes out.

The Top Ten

1 Never Too Late - Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace- Never Too Late

"This world will never be what I expected, and if I don't belong, who would have guessed it? "
"Even if I say, 'It'll be alright' still I hear you say you want to end your life" - Blazer350

2 Nutshell - Alice in Chains

This song is very sad - it's about Layne's heroin addiction and what hell it is. The lines about "privacy" and "we chase misprinted lies" refer to magazine articles stating that he was dead due to Alice In Chains long hiatus. Layne felt trapped by his addiction. - Metal_Treasure

Alice In Chains- Nutshell

"My gift of self has been raped, my privacy is raked; and yet I find... And yet I find repeating in my head, If I can't be my own I'd feel better dead. - Blazer350

3 Snuff - Slipknot

Slipknot- Snuff

"My own was banished long ago, it took the death of hope to let you go" - Blazer350

4 Black - Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam- Black

"Now my bitter hands cradle broken glass of what was everything. All the pictures smashed, have been washed in black; tattooed everything"
"All the love gone bad turned my world to black; tattooed all I see; all that I am, all I'll be" - Blazer350

5 One - Metallica

Watch the video and you'll understand.
Has taken my sight
Taken my speech
Taken my hearing
Taken my arms
Taken my legs
Taken my soul
Left me with life in hell
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die" - Metal_Treasure

6 Today - Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins- Today

"Today is the greatest day I've ever known; can't live for tomorrow, I might not have that long...I'll tear my heart out... Before I get out. Pink ribbon scars- that never forget- I tried so hard to cleanse these regrets. My angel wings were bruised and restrained" - Blazer350

7 Pittsburgh - The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction- Pittsburgh

"I've been searching for an exit, but I'm lost inside my head, where I spend every waking moment wishing I was dead" - Blazer350

8 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

It's a suicide song."He had enough, he couldn't take anymore". Very emotional song, great vocals. - Metal_Treasure

9 Solitude - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath- Solitude

"Oh where will I go to? And what will I do? Nothing can please me; only thoughts are of you. You had just laughed when I begged you to stay; but I've not stopped crying since you went away" - Blazer350

10 Fiddler On The Green - Demons & Wizards

It's based on real life events - the singer & lyricist witnessed two car accidents that killed a boy and a girl in one week (same place! ). The ballad describes the second accident, with the girl. She and the boy who died before were soulmates. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Fade To Black - Metallica

A suicide song.
"I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye" - Metal_Treasure

12 Falling Away from Me - Korn

Korn- Falling Away From Me

"Day is here fading; that's when I would say I flirt with suicide, sometimes kill the pain. I can always say, 'It's gonna be better tomorrow' Falling away from me... Life's falling away from me... Beating me down" - Blazer350

13 Jeremy - Pearl Jam

About a teen who committed suicide in class. "Jeremy spoke in class today... Try to forget this, try to erase this from the blackboard". - Metal_Treasure

14 The Unforgiven - Metallica

Throughout his life the same
He's battled constantly
This fight he cannot win
A tired man they see no longer cares
The old man then prepares
To die regretfully
That old man here is me - Metal_Treasure

15 Daddy - Korn
16 Down Where I Am - Demons & Wizards

About a father who is depressed (down) because his newborn child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. "I don't wanna hold you, please tell me why, I don't wanna see you. 'Cause even your smile hurts, Oh, it hurts like hell... I don't wanna stand it anymore". - Metal_Treasure

17 All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me) - Bullet for My Valentine

Bullet for my Valentine- All these things I hate

"Torn apart at the seams, all my dreams turn to tears; I'm not feeling this situation. Run away try to find a safe place you can hide; it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me" - Blazer350

18 My Last Sunrise - Demons & Wizards

One of the most intense metal songs ever (lyrics, music, vocals).
"These are my last words - I need to rest. In fear and anger, I'll lay down my head. A faithless spirit in a broken man... The hope became another lie". - Metal_Treasure

19 Mad World - Michael Andrews

Gary Jules- Mad World

"I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad. The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had. I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take, but when people run in circles it's a very, very mad world" - Blazer350

20 A Past And Future Secret - Blind Guardian

Some of the most sorrowful music and vocals I've ever heard. The song is about King Arthur's death. "My song of the end, I had seen it in my dreams, my song of the end. I can't stop the darkening clouds. I feel cold". - Metal_Treasure

21 Love's Tragedy Asunder - Demons & Wizards

It's about a man whose wife is terminally ill and he assists her suicide, and ends up killing himself.
The song is awesome, with great vocals. - Metal_Treasure

22 I Died for You - Iced Earth

Amazing music and vocals.
"She's happy and in love, in love with my best friend. What makes it hurt so bad is that I love them both and they will never know for love I sold my soul". - Metal_Treasure

23 A Greater Darkness - Moonspell

A greater darkness for all it's worth
A friend so young who's life was cut
We drink the rain to clear our throats
We drink the poison to make it go - Metal_Treasure

24 Would It Matter - Skillet
25 The Raven that Refused to Sing - Steven Wilson
26 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - Metallica
27 These are the Days of Our Lives - Queen
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