Top 10 Most Heartbreaking News to Hear From/About a Friend

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1 Your friend died

I can remember very clearly the day I heard that my best friend Karen had died in a car crash. I was 17, writing at the kitchen table and listening to the radio. Her death was announced on the news. My whole body went cold and I remember not being able to move for a little while. I just stared in disbelief at the radio; my brain couldn't process it. After a little while I rushed from my house to hers and her mum told me it was true...My heart broke in a second. I couldn't stop crying.

We made a strange pairing. I was always the sensible, shy one. But Karen...she was beautiful in every sense of the word. was happy, reckless, hedonistic, brave...

I still miss and love that girl so much. - Britgirl

Everything else on this list can be changed at a later stage but not this one. - Metal_Treasure

I would be sobbing hysterically

2 I'm in the hospital and I don't know for how long

I just was finished texting her and I was frozen for a bit. I don't know how to feel...

3 I'm moving away

This never happened to me but I'd be heartbroken if my best friend left...

My good friend, who also happens to be the girl I love, just moved away to a city an hour away from mine. I'm still recovering from thr devastation I felt when I heard that she's moving. I still see her sometimes on FaceTime and some parties but besides that I almost never see her. And I'm used to seeing her every day at school this makes me really depressed. 😢 :-( it sucks

4 Your friend got raped

I'm really sorry your friend had to go through that, Kiana. I hope she is alright and her rapist burns in hell forever screaming for eternity - TwilightKitsune

This happened to this one girl who I was friends with a long time ago, she was gang raped and she was sent to the hospital and I haven't saw her since I was 13, I'll be 16 this August. But I'll feel a large range of emotions if my best friend was raped.

5 Your friend betrays you and stabs you in the back

I thought that she backstabbed me but it turns out that her other friend lied to make it sound that she did all this mess but my best friend is mine and I don't care about that fake b word anymore. The worst thing is that that hooker is still at my school.

6 Your friend has cancer
7 I'm going to a new school

I was crying everyday back in August when she told me the news. But I'm recovering, I still miss her so much...

8 Your friend doesn't want to be friends with you anymore

I am guilty of doing this, I'm being honest. I was friends with this one girl but she doesn't consider me as a friend so I stopped talking to her and stopped sitting with her at lunch and I'm currently avoiding her.

9 It turns out that the friendship was fake

And you just wasted time with that person like I did with the 2 other girls I was talking about on this list.

10 She/he's best friends with someone else that you didn't know of

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11 Your friend got kidnapped

The uncertainty of what else could be happening to them thanks to this would be plain awful. - Entranced98

12 I'm committing suicide
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