Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Thing a Parent Could Tell Their Child

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1 "I don't know how I gave birth to such a disgusting bitch"

My mother hates me and says half of these things on the list

That is very sad. If my mom told me this I would cry.

If I was told that I would cry.

Hear that a lot

2 "Well, I would kill you if I were allowed to!"

I would be very scared if they said it to me

Did Piplup Say most of these Quotes?

3 "You're adopted and I'm glad"

It would be a good thing if they were just adopting the child.

4 "I wanted a handsome, strong, obedient little boy, and I got a skinny bitch of a girl"

Who in their right mind would say that?! Only a monster would say that! - TopTenTed

I feel like my mom would probably say this to me, she doesn't like me and tells me to eat because she thinks I'm too skinny but I have a normal weight.

Same, it's sad to know the person who gave birth to me doesn't love me. - Swiftdawn

5 "You wouldn't believe how disappointing you are"
6 "Why did I give birth to you?"

I don’t know, but that’s a good question considering any “parent” who actually says this clearly can’t handle the responsibility of being a parent.

7 "I wish I could just get rid of you, you aren't and are never going to be more than a burden!"
8 "I would love to just starve you to death"

Isn't this what Gothel told Rapunzel in the movie? - styLIShT

9 "You were an accident!"

My mom once admitted she was an accident

10 "I will never forgive your mother for ever giving birth to you!"

I won’t either for bringing one more unhappy child into the world. - 3DG20

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11 "I have no son!"

But that would be insulting my brother, not me... - 3DG20

Asian parents:

Kid: I got a B+ on my math test!
High Expectations Asian Father: B+? I have no son!

12 "If you ever decide to get a sex change you are dead to me"
13 "You vile little toad!"
14 "Why don't you leave me alone, I'm tired of you kids coming around looking for your daddy!"
15 "I wish you would run away!"
16 "Out of a thousand sperm, you were the fastest?"

Only senseless perverts would give birth to a child by each other.

That's a roast


17 "I Have Cancer"

This would be terrible



18 “You will never go anywhere in life!”
19 "You're grounded"
20 “I am very sick and I’m probably not going to pull through”
21 "You are ugly, stupid daughter go die."
22 "I don't care if you die, I want you dead anyway"
23 I have a better girl that I can take care of
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