Top 10 Heartless From the Original Kingdom Hearts

The Top Ten

1 Invisible

The invisible is the beefed-up version of the shadow. It has a wide range of abilities and attacks, very common in the final parts of the game, and they look awesome.

2 White Mushroom

Any fan of the original kingdom hearts remembers the white mushrooms. They were your ally even in the darkest hour, taking the place of all hostile heartless of an area, and helping them out by using certain magic will give you plenty of rare items.

3 Phantom

The phantom was a terrifying enemy altogether. It has an ability to permanently kill one of your party members (well at least for the battle), and it has no rhyme or reason at all. It's ambiguity is the icing on the cake when it comes to how insane this battle is.

4 Kurt Zisa

This guy is the most difficult of all the heartless bosses. He required everything you ever learned. He embargo's your items early on, and the only way to hurt him at first is to use your magic, but he also embargo's your healing...

The name is a real man guy

5 Wyvern

These guys were the concentration of hollow bastion's design and battle style. Often having to jump through the air and multitask, their jobs were to mess with your concentration. They fit the theme well, and they offer a lot of help for killing them.

6 Barrel Spider

Their entire existence is blowing you up, but at least they offer a challenge in a place with a lot of edges you can fall off from.

7 Large Body

The Large Body is my favorite Heartless in every Kingdom Hearts game because I love to play with its belly as it repels my attacks and use its stomach for attacks.

Definitely my favorite heartless of the series. They're cool looking in a stupid way, they add a quick challenge in a fun way, and generally feel satisfying to dispose of.

Quite simply, what they sound like. They appear in several places, in several forms, and the best part is that they get to change the hack n' slash action Kingdom Hearts can be, to at least a somewhat different change of pace. Defeating them is rewarding, and they can be fun to fight as well.

8 Wight Night

Pumpkin Town brought plenty of interesting things behind it, new costumes for heartless, interesting bosses, but the wight knights are the most terrifying things there. They're powerful, and their appearance alone is unsettling.

9 Shadow

The most basic of the basic heartless. They are the typical trademark creation of darkness and are so recognizable they have become the image of kingdom hearts.

10 Aqua Tank

The only imposing enemy of Atlantica, the Aqua Tank gave a sort of satisfaction from killing it, simply due to how big it is compared to the heartless.

The Contenders

11 Pirate
12 Battleship
13 Demon Tide

This heartless may be considered a hoard of shadows, but ever since we saw this thing give aqua and Mickey a hard time and break rikus keyblade, we know this thing is powerful

14 Darkside
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