Top 10 Most Heartwarming Loud House Moments

These are basically the most heartwarming moments from The Loud House, or rather the top moments that made us happy cry.

The Top Ten

1 Lincoln and Lori Hug After He Gives Up Going to Chandlers and Fills in for Her - The Waiting Game

Even though Lori and Lincoln have their issues with one another from time to time it was really nice seeing Lincoln doing the right thing taking Lori's place at work so she can go the dance as the two hug. - egnomac

2 The Louds and the McBrides Singing Luna's Christmas Song "That's What Christmas is All About" to Mr. Grouse - 11 Louds a Leapin
3 Lincoln Tells Lana to Be Her Self - Toads and Tiaras

Realizing the error of his ways Lincoln tells Lana that she's fine just the way she is and he was wrong to change her and encourages her to perform her own act even if it means losing the Dairy Land season passes. - egnomac

Oh my gosh, this made me cry so hard.

4 The Sisters Hold a Private Concert for Lincoln - Yes Man
5 Lincoln Takes the Fall for Lucy to Keep Her from Being Humiliated - Sleuth or Consequences

A moment that shows how great a big brother Lincoln really is, he was willing to protect Lucy even if it means getting grounded and its also touching when Lincoln tells her that he'll always have her back. - egnomac

6 Lincoln Kisses Ronnie Anne - Save the Date

Taking Lori's advice of actions speaking louder then words after he once again insults Ronnie Anne after the boys from school tease him about her being his girlfriend Lincoln makes a bold move as tells everyone how great she is before bringing her up on the fountain stand and kiss her. - egnomac

7 Luna and Sam Hug as They Give Their Relationship Another Shot - Racing Hearts

In this latest episode Luna and Sam team up for a series of challenges as the two believe their perfect for each other but as the episode progressed they realize they have less in common with each other and worry that their relationship may not work out, its not until the final act in which they have to bake an apple pie only for the both of them to realizes that cooking isn't there thing as the two now have something in common other then their love for music which is ignored in the episode for some reason as their attempts at baking literally explodes in Sam's face Luna laughs at her as Sam joins in as the competition ends which is won by Scoots and Lynn in disguise and even though they lost they brush it off as they explain that even though they don't have a lot in common they're still willing to take the time to learn more new things about each other as both hug as Lori and Leni watch on in support with Lori giving Luna the thumbs up which is really touching that they support Luna ...more - egnomac

Beautiful moment.

I really love how both Lori and Leni are so supportive of Luna being bisexual and having a relationship with Sam.

Love this moment.

8 The Louds and the Casagrandes Reconcile Their Differences and Celebrate Thanksgiving at Flips - The Loudest Thanksgiving

Such a great ending as the Louds and Casagrandes finally come to an understanding as Luna and Hector break out into song as everyone celebrates about how grateful they are. - egnomac

9 The Sisters Telling Lincoln that He's Fine Just the Way He Is - White Hare

One of the best moments from the show seeing all the sisters reminding Lincoln that he's perfect just the way he is and that he doesn't need to change. - egnomac

10 Luan and Benny Kiss - Stage Plight

In the episode Luan takes part in the school play so she can be able to talk to her crush Benny and in a strange turn of events they are both picked to play Romeo and Juliet however Luan is super nervous about doing the kissing scene and worries she will make a fool out of herself and foes everything to avoid doing so which causes Benny to quit the play thinking that Luan doesn't want him playing Romeo as Luan explains that's not the reason as she reveals through Mr. Coconut that she was so nervous about doing the kissing scene with Benny because she's never kissed anyone and is afraid of embarrassing herself in front of Benny as he replies through his his own marionette Mrs. Apple Blossom as the two reveal that the two of them really like each other as both kiss while their puppets watch in excitement. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Lynn Sr. Praising the Kids for Their Scrapbook for His Birthday from Present Tense

After the kids return home with no gift for Dad's birthday after blowing everything while attempting to give him the perfect present they overhear Lynn Sr. crying in his room and they assume that he's sad that they blew off his birthday and as they go in to apologize they find out that he was actually crying out of joy after seeing the scrapbook they originally made to give to him for his birthday as he goes on about how much he loves it because of all the good memories they had. - egnomac

12 Lucy Dedicates Her Poem to Luan - Head Poet's Anxiety
13 Lori Telling Lincoln He's a Great Bro - A Fair to Remember
14 Luna Ditches the Lulu Gimmick and Goes Back to Being Her True Self - Really Loud Music

After Doug and Michelle force Luna to do the Lulu gimmick and giving her the ultimatum of either performing as Lulu or not doing the show at all Luna is ready to perform as Lulu by lip syncing Luna finally realizes she can't go through it and takes off the Lulu gimmick and perform as herself and wows the audience much to Doug and Michelle's anger who try to stop her performance before Lynn and Lana stop them as the song comes to an end Doug asks her "Do you know what you just given up" as Luna replies 'Yeah and I know what I;m keeping, THE REAL LUNA LOUD! " - egnomac

15 Lynn Sr. Telling the Family They Are His Most Important Valuables - Lock N Loud
16 Ronnie Anne Gets Her Own Room - The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Ronnie Anne was pretty upset about her mom wanting to move them to the city with their extended family and not having her own space anymore her mom decides if she's that upset about it then they won't move and as the get ready to pack Ronnie Anne is surprised to find that the others have turned the closet into a room for Ronnie Anne seeing as she's not used to living in a house with so many people that they decided to give Ronnie Ann her own room to make her feel more at home and as her mom is ready to tell everyone their not staying Ronnie Anne changes her mind and agrees to the move. - egnomac

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