Top 10 Heavens in Religions/Mythologies

The Top Ten

1 Heaven (Christianity)
2 Jannah (Islam)
3 Folkvangr (Norse Mythology)
4 Elysium (Greek Mythology)
5 The Otherworld (Celtic Mythology)
6 Tir Na Nog (Irish Mythology)
7 Vaikuntha (Hinduism)
8 The Fields of Aaru (Egyptian Mythology)
9 Nirvana (Buddhism)
10 Annwn (Welsh Mythology)

The Contenders

11 Cockaigne (Medieval European Mythology)
12 The Summerland (Wicca)
13 The Garden of Eden (Judaism)

Yes, that is where Jewish people believe that the Righteous go after death: Back to the Garden of Eden. - clusium

14 Valhalla (Norse Mythology)
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