My Personal Idea of What Heaven Would Be Like If It Exists

You all know that I constantly make lists that are critical of religion. Just to let you all know though I've retired making those lists, but now I just wanna share my personal thoughts on what heaven would be like if it really exists.

If I were to believe that God is actually real, then here's how I would view him. Either God is impotent or actually dead (by that I mean he probably must've died during the beginning of creation somehow. If you're familiar with the concept of Theothanatology then you'll understand this. But I do believe that heaven wasn't destroyed or anything). I don't want to believe he's actually evil and sadistic because that to me is honestly not a philosophy that everyone should follow. I mean how can you even live with that type of belief system? I also think the reason he doesn't reveal himself to us is not because he's testing us, but that he just simply can't. Like I said, he's impotent. Either that or he's dead.

And my thoughts on the concepts of heaven and hell? Well here's how I view them. I believe we go to just one place. I don't believe we only go to two places (heaven and hell), I just think it's only one. And in that place is where all the bad people are forced to shovel all the manure and waste (basically what I call the septic tank of heaven) and all the good people get to live. That's how I view it, but I also don't think that the bad people's punishment is eternal because after so long you're gonna have to say "okay let them have mercy now".

I also don't believe that heaven is eternal. I just think that we can return to earth as something completely different. You know, reincarnation which I think is far more creative than just spending an eternity with your friends and family in heaven. You can be reincarnated as anything. You can be reincarnated as a donkey, as a fish, as a lion, as Justin Bieber's hair, who knows what you'll be next (I'm just kidding when I say Bieber's hair because you have to be a living being in order to become a spirit and I'm completely against animism. Plus, nobody would wanna be one of Bieber's body parts).

I believe that karma does exist because morality can't be subjective at all. Someone is gonna have to pay the price for whatever horrible thing they've done. I believe in retribution because there have been people in real life who have wronged me so I want them to pay. God may have created karma but karma probably wasn't destroyed when God was.

The reason I wanted to share all of this is because sometimes I actually do hope of a heaven exists because to tell you all the truth, nothing sucks. What I mean by that is that let's say you've been a good person all your life but you then realize the past 90 years you've been living on this world would mean absolutely nothing. You worked hard for nothing at all and then you just rot. I'm sorry but that is just suckish as hell. I honestly want to have something after working hard for so long, and I'm already aware that you shouldn't expect any reward in return for your work so please don't bring that up.

I also don't think you have to be religious in order to be spiritual either. I was raised to be a Christian but I really don't want to be one at all. I've been through so much crap in my life that I've completely given up Christianity and religion as a whole. I also wanna state that I don't really plan on converting to any religion on my deathbed because the "No Atheists in Foxholes" argument doesn't always work (just look at Stephen Hawking). Even if I were to convert to any belief it wouldn't be Christianity because not everyone wants to be Christian.

Keep in mind that these are all just my thoughts. Nobody knows what the afterlife is really like (or if there really is one). I figured I share them because I personally think they're easier and safer to think. Some of you may disagree with this whole post so just stick with what you believe if you want to. Share your thoughts if you want.


To be fair, I've always believed that people of every religion will go to Heaven and that everyone will be based on virtue and life experience.

Speaking of which, your views on the Afterlife is interesting. Its good to see that you've looked into some detail and decided to elaborate on it. - CrimsonShark

Those are some good concepts. I'm Hindu, so I believe in reincarnation, but I see your point with it. - awesomedp900

You're Hindu, that's awesome! - PhoenixAura81

I remember struggling with so many of these questions in my early teens. I remember reading the old testament at 12 and suddenly it hit me, it was all nonsense. I had it figured out, or so I thought then. I feel for you, you are searching for something that doesn't exist either, and that is answers. Stephen Hawking didn't have any for me either, although I respect the man and his legacy a great deal, his thoughts basically coincide with mine.I have many friends who are religious, and I must admit, it puts me at a disadvantage, they have something to fall back on when their mind searches for answers. I do not believe in any "higher power", I believe, without question, that we are what we are through a string of highly unlikely events that, given enough time, became likely, even probable. I believe that given the ridiculous number of stars in the universe, that there is certainly life, intelligent life, in abundance in the universe. I believe that people can sometimes be kind to one another, and it's that knowledge that I have hope for. A wise man once asked me, if I were on my deathbed, what would I think? What would I do? I know it's corny, but it's very profound at the same time. Anyway, he was trying to show me that we really only have this go round for sure, anything beyond that is beyond our grasp, and it will always remain so. He, by the way, was a devout Christian. Anyway, I agree with him that we better love the people we love as much as possible, tell them and show them as much as we can. He believed that there was something wonderful waiting for him on the other side, I do not, but in the end, what's the difference? Live this life as well as you can, do the right things. Be at peace with yourself, and share with your loved ones. I do not champion my beliefs and I certainly don't try to jam my opinions onto anyone else. You have to look inside yourself for answers, I believe it's the only ones we get. - visitor

That was very interesting. I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, but I do have my own concepts of both of those places. Also, depending how good or bad some person was, once they die, they'll stay in their graves. They won't go anywhere until the world ends or something. I also don't believe in the "no atheists in foxholes" argument. - PhoenixAura81

Interesting. - visitor