Top 10 Heavier Songs by Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton is known for his pop rock/soft rock songs but before that he was a hard rock singer. Yes, until 1987, he was a (hard) rocker.

He even formed a hair rock band in 1979, Blackjack, with guitarist Bruce Kulick and bass player legend Jimmy Haslip. They released a self-titled debut in 1979 and a 2nd (and final) album in 1980 (Worlds Apart). Blackjack also opened for Ozzy Osbourne on tour.

In 1983 Michael Bolton went solo and released 4 hard rock albums.

Michael Bolton's got an amazing raspy voice with perfect pitch. His "torchy" voice is well suited for hard rock.

The Top Ten

1 Everybody's Crazy

All songs on this list give me a Foreigner vibe with a hint of Whitesnake (I like both Foreigner and Whitesnake) - Metal_Treasure

2 Fighting for My Life

This song even has some metal riffing in it. Michael Bolton himself played the lead guitar. - Metal_Treasure

3 Fools Game

Again, he played the guitar solo - Metal_Treasure

4 Hometown Hero

Michael Bolton played the guitar solo - Metal_Treasure

5 Paradise
6 Love Me Tonight (Blackjack)

A song of 1979 with Bruce Kulick on guitar before joining KISS in 1985. - Metal_Treasure

7 Desperate Heart
8 Everytime
9 You Don't Want Me Bad Enough
10 Your Love

It's from his debut album, 1975 (he changed his name to Michael Bolton later) - Metal_Treasure

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