Heaviest Deep Purple Songs


The Top Ten

1 Burn
2 Highway Star

Asking if I add child in time? - zxm

No, I accept how all song from the In Rock is heavy... so Child in Time has place on this list! - somekindofaguy

"STFU already man..." Oooh...tough guy. The PROBLEM is your severe limitations; your tunnel vision; your slavish devotion to glorified noise; but most of all, your dominating this site with endless, cookie-cutter lists. In short, this Clan of the Cave Amp is a stupefying BORE.

Hmm... Your "STFU" comment has mysteriously disappeared. Now how'd that happen?

That isn't disappeared LOL... I don't fear from my own comments, emotions! - somekindofaguy

3 Hard Lovin' Man

Pure speed metal with gallops and great vox with screams (1970). The second solo is probably the heaviest and wildest solo from Ritchie Blackmore (not his best though). - Metal_Treasure

Luke Metal treasures argument

4 Fireball
5 Black Night - Deep Purple

One of the best songs for headbanging! - Metal_Treasure

6 Speed King
7 Mistreated - Deep Purple

This riff is very demonic. - Metal_Treasure

8 Dealer
9 Bloodsucker
10 Space Truckin'

The Contenders

11 Flight of the Rat
12 Mandrake Root
13 Stormbringer - Deep Purple
14 Child in Time

It's not heavy, it has a very soft organ intro and softish vocals until the ahh part. But the guitar solo is metallic. - SoldierOfFortune

Guess somebody already added it - zxm

15 Smoke on the Water
16 Wring that Neck
17 Lay Down Stay Down
18 Living Wreck
19 Into the Fire
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1. Speed King
2. Hard Lovin' Man
3. Burn
1. Highway Star
2. Burn
3. Hard Lovin' Man
1. Burn
2. Black Night - Deep Purple
3. Mistreated - Deep Purple


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