Top 10 Heaviest Def Leppard Songs

Now for my 2nd list about Def Leppard the last list i made was about their poppiest songs now we switch it up and now for their heaviest songs most of which are from their first two albums

The Top Ten

1 It Could Be You

Riffs are close to metal style as well as some other elements. One of the several Def Leppard songs I would describe as mainly metal. - Metal_Treasure

Oh yeah this is pretty heavy - christangrant

2 Let It Go

This is also my favorite Def Leppard song - christangrant

Yes, it's a good hard rock song. - Metal_Treasure

3 No No No
4 Satellite
5 Wasted
6 Good Morning Freedom
7 Another Hit and Run
8 On Through the Night

Fun Fact this song is not on their debut its on High N Dry - christangrant

9 Hello America
10 You Got Me Runnin'

The Contenders

11 High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)
12 Bringin' on the Heartbreak

The first few times I heard it I had no idea who it was. Lovely, strong power ballad. I love it. - Britgirl

13 Too Late for Love
14 Comin' Under Fire
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