Heaviest Dream Theater Songs

Dream Theater is probably best known for their melodic masterpieces, but they also have their moments of sheer METAL...

The Top Ten

1 Honor Thy Father

Very angry song, and very heavy. Its hard to say which one's the heaviest, but this one is pretty heavy. - slipperyjack30

I feel like every song from Train of Thought except Vacant should be in the top 15 at least, this album was Dream Theater's album to everybody who argued they weren't a metal band and they delivered the heaviness in spades. Honor Thy Father is probably the heaviest song because of the intro alone and then everything just gets heavier, and if there was ever a shredding keyboard solo it's the solo on this song. - Derrick_Fox

Honor Thy Father is an excellently written and produced song. I just love the part in the middle when you think it's letting up, but then...

DON'T CROSS THE CROOKED STEP... And it's just beginning. The last chorus is pretty much pure anger. - Operation_Fortitude

Don't cross the crooked step

2 The Glass Prison

The Glass Prison can be best described as a 13 minute brutal assault on your eardrums. Heavy from start to finish, it doesn't let up even for a moment. - Operation_Fortitude

The first Dream theater song I ever heard and my favourite, definitely the most brutal! Train of thought is the most heavy album in my opinion - dragon13304

After the intro, I am literally banging my head the whole time.

The heaviest and the best DT song

3 This Dying Soul

While I don't think this is the heaviest, it is definitely their densest song.

Ahh yes. The infamous Labrie Rap. - Operation_Fortitude

Where metal meets rap in the best way ever.

4 Panic Attack

For people who think Octavarium is pop - benreidy100

This one genuinely makes me feel shaky from it's brutal force. Awesome!

Portnoy’s playing on this song is definitely enough to keep it in the top ten. Some of the fills in this song are insane, and the intro is just brutal. The guitar and bass work well together and make this song incredible.

Its hard to choose fron honour thy father and the glass prison but this should be under then.

5 As I Am

Just by hearing the intro, you know thing are going to get heavy. As I Am is sort of a prelude for things to come in Train Of Thought. - Operation_Fortitude

Brutal prog metal intro melds into mail riff seamlessly! Catchy chorus and great all around performance by the whole band!

This literally sounds like alice in chains

6 The Root of All Evil

Very heavy in my opinion at least 5

7 Endless Sacrifice

Heavier than Dark Eternal

Endless Sacrifice may very well have Dream Theater's Heaviest Chorus, as well as a brutally awesome instrumental part, but it does give you breaks during the verses. - Operation_Fortitude

In my opinion, it is just the best heavy metal chorus ever made. It's definitely impossible not to headbang to it. Petrucci's harmonics techniques alongside his mastered and incredibly fast riffs match perfectly Portnoy's heavyweight drumming and insanely fit fills.

8 The Dark Eternal Night

A very dense riff in the middle of the song, smashing double bass and then an insane solo from Petrucci


That triplet riff toward the end.

The drum work on this one is outstanding!

9 Lie

Probably one of the best petrucci shreds.

10 A Nightmare to Remember

15 minutes of complex drumming. I guess that is... a nightmare to remember

I love this song especially the double bass drumming in the intro. Very heavy song

This whole album should be in the top ten

Really heavy Intro, It's awesome!

The Contenders

11 The Shattered Fortress

The culmination of the 2000s Dream Theater Era

That solo is pure awesomeness!

One of my favorite DT songs, if not my favorite. Every part of it is awesome and each section flows into the next perfectly.

12 Constant Motion

Got that Metallica 'blackened' feel to it, great song!

Really? So does this dying soul, a verse that one almost sounds identical to a verse in Blackened - Songsta41

13 Scene Six: Home
14 The Mirror
15 In the Name of God

This song is amazing start to finish. The opening riff is one of my favorites in all music. Even without knowing that there is morse code in the song, its epic.

This song is slow, heavy and has epic lyrics.

16 The Enemy Inside

Perhaps not their heaviest of all time, but definitely in the top 5

Heaviest dream theater song

17 Stream of Consciousness
18 Caught In a Web
19 The Test that Stumped Them All
20 A Rite of Passage

The whole segment from ~5:00 to ~8:00 is just brutal.

21 Bridges In the Sky
22 Build Me Up, Break Me Down

Heaviest song on ADTOE easily. Killer riffs

23 A Change of Seasons
24 Pull Me Under

With Djent existing, definitely not. - AdamDestructorJr.

One of the best & heaviest intros ever made by a progmetal-band

25 Beyond This Life [Scene Four]
26 In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 2

Damn, those vocals

27 The Spirit Carries On

Go away TOT lovers. Truly the heaviest DT Song in existence.
Upvote if you have humour

28 Forsaken


29 Descent of the Nomacs
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