Heaviest Japanese Rock Songs

The heaviest rock songs from Japan. In all kinds of rock and metal genres.

The Top Ten

1 Drink It Down - L'arc~en~ciel

this song discribe hyde'side..
so vampire..
so dark..
so cool..
Le Ciel..!


i like vampire!

the coolest metal's high! - ruka

The theme song of DEVIL MAY CRY 4, one of the heaviest songs of L'Arc~en~Ciel - ronluna

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2 Art of Life - X-Japan

Best song in history. Including all emotions one' can have. Within 30 Minutes you'll have rock, inseaney and all kinds of emotion. No other song is as intense as this one.

30 minutes of great rock jrock at its best and played by the best band in the world and greatest guitar solos by hide - TD17

3 Dozing Green - Dir En Grey

The latest hard rock song of Dir en grey. - ronluna

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4 Guns - Janne Da Arc UListen to Sample
5 What's Up People - Maximum the Hormone

How come your not voting for the HEAVIEST song on this list? L'arc IS NOT heavy at all! Especially that song! All I have to say to you guys is WHAT"S UP PEOPLE!?

Seriously? How can you say you heard ANYTHING heavy if you haven't heard WHAT'S UP PEOPLE? MTH and DEG own heavy music!

Just listen to it. The only bands that deserve to be on this list are Maximum the Hormone and Dir En Grey. Every other band I've heard on this list are way too soft.

Oh my, there is only one statement I can describe such an internet atrocity...


... WHAT'S UP PEOPLE!?... - MeowMix

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6 Mighty Long Fall - One Ok Rock UListen to Sample
7 Super Love Song - B'z

one of the newest and heaviest song of japanese hard rock band B'z - ronluna

8 XXX For You - D'erlanger

one of the heaviest song of D'ERLANGER from the album LAZZARO. - ronluna

9 Red - Creature Creature

the heaviest song of the session band of Morrie of DEAD-END called creature creature - ronluna

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10 Kagerou - Buck Tick

one of the heaviest song of buck-tick and the theme song of xxxHolic - ronluna

The Contenders

11 Danse Macabre - Dead End

one of the most heaviest song of one of the most influential band in Japan, DEAD-END. - ronluna

12 Melodies - Die In Cries

KYO of D'ERLANGER vocalist with yukihiro of L'Arc~en~Ciel's DIE IN CRIES one of the heaviest song - ronluna

13 Shinshoku ~lose control~ - L'Arc~en~Ciel

scary, slow at first but if you hear the solo its heavy and very fast - ronluna

14 Saku - Dir En Grey UListen to Sample
15 Zetsubou - MUCC UListen to Sample
16 Gekkou - D'erlanger
17 Lunatic Gate - Janne Da Arc

one of the heaviest song of the japanese rock band Janne Da Arc. - ronluna

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18 Countdown - Hyde UListen to Sample
19 The Gazette Dogma
20 Darlin' - D'erlanger
21 Maboroshi - Creature Creature UListen to Sample
22 Dummy Blue - D'erlanger

very heavy, same level with Gekkou - ronluna

23 Sadistic Emotion - D'erlanger
24 Maria - D'erlanger

one of my favorite and one of the heaviest rock songs of d'erlanger - ronluna

25 Talkin' 2 Myself - Ayumi Hamasaki UListen to Sample
26 Tsume Tsume Tsume - Maximum the Hormone
27 Ambivalent Ideal - Lynch

If 'Dozing Green' fits the list, this one can as well - saaarsdej

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28 Nocturne - Die In Cries
29 New World - Bug
30 La Vie En Rose - D'erlanger
31 Wild Fang - Janne Da Arc UListen to Sample
32 Red Zone - Janne Da Arc UListen to Sample
33 Dead Song - Gastunk
34 Kazarimado No Dekigoto - Mandrake

This is one of the oldest and best Japanese progressive rock song.
Far heavier than any other hard&heavy music! - Alpha101

35 Silent Jealousy - X Japan UListen to Sample
36 Kurenai - X Japan

Lolz why isn't kurenai in here?

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