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21 Reign Supreme - Dying Fetus
22 Altars of Madness - Morbid Angel
23 Fallen - Evanescence

That isn't a heavy album, why this is on here? - 05yusuf09

Because it's good (debatable) and a hard looking woman is the singer... - somekindofaguy

If an album is good that don't equals with heavy! - somekindofaguy

Fallen is not so heavy but lyrics and music is very aggressive...

Going Under, Imaginary and Whisper are the most heaviest songs from the album.

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24 All Shall Fall - Immortal
25 Remission - Mastodon
26 Monolith of Inhumanity - Cattle Decapitation
27 Chaosphere - Meshuggah
28 Onset of Putrefaction - Necrophagist
29 ...And Justice for All - Metallica

I Think That This Is Metallicas Heaviest Album
The Guitar And Drum sound makes this album sound really thrash and heavy! -

30 Pleasure to Kill - Kreator

Only problem people don't know this album. If they would know, they would realize it's even heavier than Reign in Blood! - somekindofaguy

Should be in the top 10.

31 Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done - Aborted
32 Metal on Metal - Anvil

This Album was magnificent...
This Band does not get their fame as they deserves it...
This album marks the beginning of Heavy Metal Era...
Longs before The Big 4 might even famous...

33 The Sickness - Disturbed

Many Classy songs Like Down with the sickness. The album that went 4X platinum. How can someone not love it?!

34 Gore Metal - Exhumed

Kickass screams, listening to "Necromaniac" is enough for this album to be in top ten and even higher. - GREYBOYY

35 Antichrist - Gorgoroth
36 Kill 'Em All - Metallica

This should be replaced by Master of Puppets, this would be the number 4 and Master of Reality the number 19... - somekindofaguy

37 Reise, Reise - Rammstein

All the Rammstein albums should be #1 to #6 and this is #1, Mutter is #2, LIFAD is #3, Herzeleid is #4, Sehnsucht is #5 and Rosenrot is #6 - leonzillaleon

38 British Steel - Judas Priest

Probably the second SOFTEST Priest album, after Point of Entry. Painkiller, Stained Class, or Defenders of the Faith would be more worthy.

Painkiller is 10.000 times heavier than this! Just because this is their best album not their heaviest! - somekindofaguy

39 Jane Doe - Converge
40 Leprosy - Death
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