Thrash Talk #3 - The 10 Heaviest Metal Bands of all Time

So today we're going to do something different. I won't be reviewing an individual album, but instead I'll be talking about some of the heaviest metal bands of all time. If you don't know what makes a band heavy, it's the extreme speed and aggression, and how dark the songs are, which will make doom metal songs intensely heavy. Bands will also be judged by how fun it is to headbang to their songs.

10. High on Fire - If you thought Motorhead was one of the heaviest bands out there, then you were wrong because this band makes them look like children's music. Just listen to Rumors of War and you'll see what I mean by heavy, as it's much better than Motorhead's Ace of Spades.

9. Suffocation - Cannibal Corpse is not the only heavy Death Metal band out there, as this band's music is just insane. Not even the likes of Death could compare to how heavy this band was, and both the old and new music are great for banging your head until you die.

8. Decapitated - The first 68 days of listening to metal should be focused on the classics like Master of Puppets. The 69th day should be focused on this heavy death metal band, with insane guitar playing and aggressive screams from Winds of Creation, Spheres of Madness, and Day 69.

7. Meshuggah - We all love and respect the works of Dream Theater, Opeth, and Tool, but there was one great progressive metal band that was forgotten. Meshuggah's Bleed was both insanely complex and heavy at the same time, and if you want to listen to good music while headbanging, then listen to the 21 minute long "I".

6. Cryptopsy - One of the heaviest Death Metal bands of all time happens to be the one responsible for Two-Pound Torch, and is probably the second heaviest technical death metal band imaginable. Detritus (The One They Kept) is also a very heavy song.

5. Nile - The second greatest technical death metal band of all time (Only Death is better), and the heaviest one happens to be Nile. The 2005 album Annihilation of the Wicked is full of headbanging classics, along with it's title track, and Sacrifice Unto Sebek. They also have Black Seeds of Vengeance, another heavy album.

4. Electric Wizard - Like other Doom Metal bands, they didn't rely on speed and aggression to be one of the heaviest. Instead, they used dark lyrics and intense music to make heavy songs. The sound of the music is also very heavy and loud. If you want more heavy doom metal bands, try out Weedeater and Bongzilla.

3. Anaal Nathrakh - Pandemonic Hyperblast is probably the heaviest metal song of all time, and if you haven't listened to it, you're not a real Metalhead. They've also written other insanely heavy songs and that one song just makes them heavier than nearly every band out there.

2. Cannibal Corpse - One of my favorite heavy metal bands of all time happens to be the heaviest death metal band imaginable, known for their Hammer Smashed Face and I Cum Blood classics, along with Evisceration Plague, Make Them Suffer, and Stripped Raped and Strangled. They also made Metallica look like lullabies to infants with their cover of No Remorse.

1. Slayer - This band welcomes you back to the fiery pits of hell, as before we talked about Reign in Blood, the soundtrack to hell. This, along with their other 80s albums makes them so heavy they make Cannibal Corpse look like 4 year olds, and the talent and songwriting of Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo, and Kerry King teamed up to create the heaviest band ever makes them my favorite heavy metal band of all time.

So there you have it. Those are the 10 heaviest metal bands of all time in my opinion, and I hope you learned a few things about metal and the great bands that I listen to, and I hope you enjoyed having something different than an album review on this edition of Thrash Talk.


Great Post I Would Put Cannibal Corpse At Number 1 - christangrant

Where would death be? - visitor

It depends on what death we're talking about. If it's the earlier albums (1987-1990), then I'd place them at 12 or 13. If it's the later albums (1991-1998), then they aren't nearly as heavy and I wouldn't put them in my top 50. I'd probably rank them about 22nd or 23rd. - visitor

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