Heaviest Metallica Songs from the 2000s

These are the heaviest Metallica songs from the 2000's anything is allowed as long as it was made from 2000 to 2009 but most likley the tracks are going to be from St. Anger and Death Magnetic

The Top Ten

1 St. Anger

Disagree all you want but the beginning of this song is really heavy and its awesome if only the whole songs was like that - christangrant

2 All Nightmare Long

Probably the best Metallica song of the 2000s. - cjWriter1997

Pretty Heavy if you ask me - christangrant

200 tons weight! - say10

3 My Apocalypse

Oh yeah now this is pretty heavy - christangrant

4 Sweet Amber

A underrated heavy track on St. Anger this song has probally the most elements of thrash metal in it on St. Anger - christangrant

5 That Was Just Your Life

Heavy album opener of Death Magnetic - christangrant

6 Frantic

If there's anything you can give to the snare drum sound in this is that it makes the songs sound really heavy and this song is a good example - christangrant

7 All Within My Hands
8 Cyanide

Good thrash track - christangrant

9 Purify

Pretty thrashy track on St. Anger - christangrant

10 Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Contenders

11 Dirty Window
12 The Unnamed Feeling
13 Some Kind of Monster
14 Spit Out the Bone
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