Top Ten Heaviest Opeth Albums

I love all opeth albums and they can get really heavy

The Top Ten

1 Deliverance

Songs like masters apprentice and wreath are very amazingly brutal. 90% of the album is like that

2 Blackwater Park

Its one of their best ( in my opinion still life is better) but its still heavy but not like deliverance

3 Orchid

The brutal beginning. Forest of october is the one

4 Morningrise

Other than the acoustic parts this album is just like orchid but darker

5 Still Life

Serenity painted death and godhead lament are heavy but the rest is kinda heavy but not like the first 5

6 My Arms Your Hearse

A little less heavier than the first two but has brutal vocals in some of the songs

7 Ghost Reveries

More of a progressive metal than progressive death metal album but the vocals are very brutal at parts

8 Watershed

Only three songs has growling while the rest is soft but hessian peel ( which is one of the three ) is mostly soft vocals

9 Heritage

The most brutal lol

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