Top 10 Heaviest Seether Songs

Ranking songs by Seether that are heavy and aggressive. This will be the last heavy list I'll make for a band. Softer songs like Broken or Driven Under won't be included.

The Top Ten

1 Stoke the Fire

Their overall most aggressive and heavy song.

2 Betray and Degrade

Especially with the main riff.

3 Count Me Out

Heavy and solid.

4 No Jesus Christ

A bit long but still heavy regardless.


Self explantory.

6 Like Suicide

Has lots of aggression overall.

7 Your Bore

One of their heaviest songs from their debut album.

8 F**k It

The sample displays how heavy it is overall.

9 Because of Me

Heavy all the way through.

10 Burrito

Heavy and pretty good in general.

The Contenders

11 Simplest Mistake

Long, heavy, filled with screams, and very dark.

12 I'm the One
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