Top 10 Heaviest Sum 41 Songs

I'm ranking these Sum 41 songs based on how heavy they are. Softer songs like: In Too Deep won't be included.

The Top Ten

1 Goddamn I'm Dead Again

Their overall heaviest and most aggressive song.

2 Fake My Own Death

Pretty heavy especially with the guitar riff.

3 God Save Us All (Death to Pop)

Another one of their heavier songs.

4 No Reason

Heavy and solid.

5 Jessica Kill

Most of the songs from Screaming Bloody Murder are pretty heavy.

6 Noots

While it wasn't on any of their albums it's pretty heavy and decent.

7 Over My Head (Better Off Dead)

Even some of their softer albums have a heavy song or to.

8 Blood in My Eyes

The intro's soft but it gets heavy pretty fast.

9 Sick of Everyone

Pretty heavy.

10 Screaming Bloody Murder

Another one of their heavier songs.

The Contenders

11 Pain for Pleasure
12 Makes No Difference
13 32 Ways to Die
14 T.H.T.
15 Back Where I Belong
16 Time for You to Go
17 There's No Solution
18 I'm Not the One
19 The Bitter End
20 We're All to Blame
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