Heaviest Thrash Metal Songs

The Top Ten Heaviest Thrash Metal Songs

Angel of Death - Slayer

Heavy and agressive. - Userguy44

Seriously? - Doomed_God

Pleasure to Kill - Kreator
Merciless Death - Dark Angel
Payback - Slayer
Raining Blood - Slayer

The intro is just awesome - DarkBoi-X

Death is Certain (Life is Not) - Dark Angel
A Lesson in Violence - Exodus
The Death of Innocence - Dark Angel
Arise - Sepultura
Nuclear Winter - Sodom

The Newcomers

? Damien - Morbid Angel

The Contenders

Agent Orange - Sodom
Never Forget, Never Repeat - Nervosa

One of the heaviest songs with only female vocals - Doomed_God

Metal Militia - Metallica

Besides heavy, this is possibly the most agressive Metallica song. And not only because of James' vocals. - Userguy44

Bombenhagel - Sodom
Sodomy and Lust - Sodom
New Orphans Elegy - Violblast
Habilita la Cerveza - Asspera

Humor but heavier than Pleasure to kill - Doomed_God

Heavier than Repentless (Heaviest slayer song) And is a humor song Lol - DarkDamien

Oh My F****** God - Strapping Young Lad

Yes, this is thrash - Doomed_God

No Forgiveness - Infernal War

Brutal Black and Blackened Thrash - Doomed_God

Charging the Void - Vektor

One of the heaviest progressive metal songs to - Doomed_God

Hate - Sarcófago

The sound is s***, but it's so brutal - Doomed_God

Captor of Sin - Slayer

Slayer aren't underrated but if I have to pick an underrated Slayer song, it would be this one. A crazy intro with a crazy guitar solo in it, and the riffs after that are so headbanging. - Metal_Treasure

War Ensemble - Slayer
Bullets - Assassin
Ripping Corpse - Kreator
Christ Passion - Sodom
Darkness Descends - Dark Angel
Slaves of Pain - Sepultura
Children of a Worthless God - Exodus
Primitive Future
Island - Mastodon
Under Rapture - Soulfly
Scars - Morbid Saint
Praise of Death - Slayer
Infectious Hospital Waste - Demolition Hammer
Journey Through the Dark - Blind Guardian

Power Thrash Metal - DarkDamien

Repentless - Slayer

Heaviest Slayer song - Doomed_God

War! - Dragonforce

Power Thrash - Doomed_God

Night of the Witch - Testament
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