Top 10 Heaviest Three Days Grace Songs

While they're not my favorite band anymore I'll admit they do have some heavy songs. I'll be ranking those songs based on their heaviness. If I missed one feel free to add it I guess.

The Top Ten

1 Born Like This

This will always be their heaviest song in my opinion.

2 Scared

Quite heavy.

3 Landmine

Self explantory at most.

This song is EDGY - TwilightKitsune

4 Overrated

Despite the title it's underrated and a heavy track from their debut album.

5 Drown

Quite heavy I'll add.

6 Painkiller

This terrible song is the reason Painkiller by Judas Priest has so many dislikes, in my opinion.

Can you not start a fight over this? Please... that would very much appreciated I like this band and would appreciate it if you didn't drag Judas Priest into this.

Had to include it at some point.

7 It's All Over

Heavy and agressive.

8 Burn

Most of the songs from their self titled/ debut album are heavy.

9 Get Out Alive

Aggressive and the riffs are pretty heavy.

10 I Am Machine

The Contenders

11 I Hate Everything About You
12 Goin' Down

One of the more heavier songs from Life Starts Now.

13 Riot

I'm surprised this wasn't already on the list as this is one of the only songs from them with screaming.

14 Let You Down
15 Now or Never
16 Break
17 The Good Life
18 Animal I Have Become
19 Just Like You
20 Human Race
21 Chalk Outline
22 Operate
23 Expectations
24 Give in to Me
25 Anonymous
26 Time of Dying
27 Time of Dying
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