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1 Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden) Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden)

The best in the eighties and still the best. How many times do you see some kid wearing a piece of mind or trooper tee they bought from hot topic? They don't even know who Eddie is or even listen to maiden, but they do know that it looks cool which is what this top ten is about.

The best artwork ever! Every song of Maiden I can visualize Eddie doing what is described in the song.

When it comes to mascots, you just can't beat Ed, can you?

2 Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)

Laugh out loud Overkill and A7X neck and neck for the same mascot.

3 The Guy (Disturbed)

It was originally just a face on the back cover of Disturb's first album until it was later given a full body.

Probably my favorite band mascot. Such a unique design from David finch.

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4 Murray (Dio)
5 Chaly (Overkill)

The REAL skull bat!

6 Snaggletooth (Motörhead)
7 Not Man (Anthrax)
8 Roy (Children of Bodom)
9 The Deathbat (Avenged Sevenfold)

It's just a skull with bat wings. That's what makes it so awesome!

They Ripped Off Overkills Logo - christangrant

10 Henry (Black Sabbath)

The Contenders

11 Crystar (Danzig)
12 Jack O. Lantern (Helloween)
13 The Jesterhead (In Flames)
14 Violent Mind (Kreator)
15 Set Abominae (Iced Earth)

Come on guys! Set Abominae is the best metal mascot! He even has a whole two album and three songs story! Do other mascots have a story? Not that I know of. SET ABOMINAE RULES!

16 Hector (Hammerfall)

Great mascot for such a great band! - blackphoenix

17 Scary Guy (Metallica)
18 Knarrenheinz (Sodom)

A big guy with a helmet, an antigas mask, an m16 gun and a chainsaw... what else do you want?

19 Knucklehead (Five Finger Death Punch)
20 Coco Loco (Brujeria)
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1. Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden)
2. Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
3. The Guy (Disturbed)
1. Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden)
2. Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
3. Chaly (Overkill)
1. Eddie the Head (Iron Maiden)
2. Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)
3. Murray (Dio)

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