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21 Elektra Records
22 Facedown

Good bands with positive messages and fair prices on merch and music, what more could you ask for?

23 Osmose
24 Solid State

Underrated despite having signed bands such as August Burns Red, Underoath, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Extol, and He Is Legend. In the meantime they are also home to rising talent such as Silent Planet, Phinehas, and Fit For A King.

25 Victory
26 Hammer Muzik
27 Massacre Records V 1 Comment
28 Fearless Records
29 Eclipse Records

They don't put out a lot of stuff, but I've been a fan of theirs ever since they released the first Mushroomhead album back in 2001. Other notable bands they've worked with are Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence, and Scum of the Earth.

30 Profound Lore

Killer black metal, gave a lot of big bands their start too

31 Flesh Vessel

New indie label with high quality releases right off the bat.

32 Vision of God Records

Interesting label with good bands and positive message.

33 E1 Music
34 Maverick
35 Prosthetic
36 Xplosion Records
37 Unique Leader Records

They have some great technical bands that hit hard and go heavy!

38 Tankcrimes
39 Unspeakable Axe
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