Top 10 Hector Casagrande Moments

Now we focus on the top moments of Hector Casagrande from The Loud House and The Casagrandes.
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1 Hector and Luna Sing a Duet - The Loudest Thanksgiving

After the families make amends the Louds and the Casagrandes celebrate Thanksgiving at Flips as Hector and Luna begin a duet about being grateful for it all as the rest of the family join in.

2 Hector and Bobby Recapture the Bunnies - Bo Bo Business

While Bobby works for Mr. Hong at his store Bobby runs into trouble when one of his new ideas backfires horribly when he has the customers cuddle a bunny while they shop until they demand they get to shop with their pets which leads to chaos within the store and even though Hector is still peeved over Bobby leaving the Mercado to work for Mr. Hong he decides to help him round up the bunnies and put them back in their cages using brooms.

3 Hector Comforts Ronnie Anne When She's Unable to Sing at His Birthday - Face the Music

While trying to perform for Hector's birthday with Bobby she's unable to sing and runs off to her room in embarrassment as Hector comforts her as she explains that she had stage fright and worries that she ruined his birthday as Hector sympathizes with in her as he use to have stage fright after falling during his first grade play and that over time he overcame his stage fright.

4 Hector Hugs Arturo - Operation Dad

For most of the episode Hector harbored a resentment towards Arturo for divorcing his daughter Maria years ago and scowls at him when ever he's around but after Arturo decides to stay and everybody is happy Hector is still shown scowling before finally embracing him in a hug.

5 Hector and Bobby Sing - Face the Music

After Ronnie Anne and Hector have a heart to heart talk about overcoming stage fright Hector takes her place and sings alongside Bobby as everyone else joins in including Ronnie Anne.

6 Hector Embarrasses Carl When He Tells Him He Forgot His Chonies - Senor Class

Hector attends Ronnie Anne and Carl's school and he ends up embarrassing them including embarrassing Carl when he tells him in front of his peers that he forgot his Chonies while literally showing off Carl's underwear for everyone to see before Carl snatches them in embarrassment.

7 Flashback of Hector and Rosa Dancing - Power Play

A flashback of Hector and Rosa dancing at a dance club which became a tradition for them to go there on their anniversary.

8 Young Hector Works at the Mercado - Senor Class

Hector reveals that as a kid he dropped out of school to help out his family working at the Mercado.

9 Hector Climbs the Lighthouse to Get the Bottle Containing the Next Clue - Fool's Gold

Hector, Carlos, C.J. and Carl discover a clue leading to Pancho Via's gold as the clue leads them to the lighthouse where a bottle containing the next clue is positioned and Hector is chosen to retrieve it.

10 Hector, Rosa and Sergio Laugh Evilly as They Plot to Scare Ronnie Anne and Her Friends Again - Fails from the Crypt

Hector, Rosa, Sergio and Vito scare off Ronnie Anne and her friends when they try to spend the night in the cemetery all to protect their record of lasting the longest after finding out Ronnie and her friends are going back to try again Hector, Rosa and Sergio plot to scare them once again as they laugh evilly.

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11 Hector Trips During His First Grade Play - Face the Music
12 Hector Announces Sergio as The Employee of the Month - This Bird Has Flown
13 Hector Gossips with Margarita - Friended
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