Top Ten Best Hell in a Cell Moments

The Top Ten

1 Kane's debut
2 Mankind gets chokeslammed through the cell roof
3 Mankind gets thrown off the cell
4 End of an era match between Undertaker and Triple H with HBK as a special guest referee

My Favorite Match in WWE History 😊 - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

5 The Undertaker chokeslams Rikishi off the cell
6 Undertaker chokeslams Edge through the ring and get lit on fire
7 Cactus Jack gets flipped by Triple H through the cell
8 Shane McMahon jumps off the cell, Undertaker gets up, and Shane goes through the table
9 Batista vs. Triple H at Vengeance 2005
10 Ryback Shellshocks CM Punk on top of the cell
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