Top Ten Hell's Kitchen Chefs That Went from Good to Bad

This list is based on the contestants that went from good to bad chefs whether it is their cooking ability/skills and/or attitude.

The Top Ten

1 Keith - Season 2

So many Best of best and best of worst then the kitchen ran Keith

2 Julia - Season 3
3 Robert - Seasons 5 and 6
4 Joy - Season 12
5 Anton - Season 12

He was very good at the beginning until the middle and the end. I couldn't stand his arrogant attitude. Plus arguing with Sous Chef Andi? That is a big no-no. - ndog

6 Josh - Season 14

Episode 2: LET'S DO THIS! YEAH, BABY!...There's no handle.
Episode 13: Whoo, whoo! Ramsay: Like a baboon, there, eh

7 Andrea - Season 5
8 Nilka - Season 7
9 Jessica - Season 12

Good start, but sucked later starting in episode 8. She then tried begging Chef Ramsay for her to stay on episode 10. She was also useless in the finale and almost ruined Scott's chances of winning. - ndog

10 Vinny - Season 8

Started brilliant then his performance dropped like a brick and he when he had a terrible performance on the black-tie affair he refused to admit that all of his problems were entirely his fault and blamed it on Rob then he imploded on himself in the service before a black jacket got sent home and was completely deluded towards Russell's decision to nominate him as he believed Russell saw him as his biggest competition and wanted to get rid of him when it was really because he tanked them that dinner service

The Contenders

11 Zach - Season 11
12 Jared - Season 15

Very sad when he was eliminated after all he has been through. He had a big ego, and was on a downward spiral, but at least I could be able to see some of jared's retrospective footage in order to reminisce his times when he was great on the blue team in the beginning. He had a lot of ups and downs, but I hope he is all well in the future. - ndog

13 Jessica - Season 11
14 Natalie - Season 9

I don't know what got into her

15 Melissa - Season 3
16 Ed - Season 7
17 Jonathon - Season 9

In the first service, this guy nailed his wellingtons and yet he couldn't get them out because of Monterray's mistimed garnishes. In the second service, he cracked it again, then he just crashed later on. The pinching nerve in his neck which Will passed off as just a crick in his neck got the best of him eventually. - RAWdonRamsay

18 Kevin - Season 6
19 Randy - Season 14
20 Louis - Season 8

In all honesty, Louis wasn't a good chef to begin as he did nothing to impress Ramsay with so really he shouldn't be on here

21 Krupa - Season 9

Absolutely nailed the first service, like Super Krupa coming to save the day for the red team, getting a couple entrèes out there so the red team won. Then she just went on a flat downward spiral to what seemed like an untimely finish in 11th in episode 7. - RAWdonRamsay

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