Top Ten Hell's Kitchen Chefs With Black Jackets That Did Not Make It to the Finale


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1 Jon Scallion - Season 11

Of course he deserved to win. It sucked the fact that the final service before the finals determined your fate.

Should have made it to the finals over Janel

This guy is the only person that is good from the worst blue team in hell's kitchen history. He should have made it to the finale. - ndog

I can not believe jon did not win

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2 Clemenza Caserta - Season 10

Good chef, great guy. Shame he was quite inconsistent. Would've loved to see him run the pass, I bet he could've nailed it with his experience and determination.

He was so funny!

3 Julia Williams - Season 3

Julia is a bitter bitch! Get her off this list!

Take this bitter bitch off this list!

4 Robert Hesse - Season 5

The best contestant that went to hell and back and really showed that things like this should be more of a journey of growth and such. I respect him Big Time.

5 Jillian Flathers - Season 8

Way better than Russell and Nona. Russell was dochbag through the entire season and Nona was a little bit inconsistent. I don't know one time that Jillian screwed up the kitchen. And she was never put up for elimination. Surprisingly she was never had the power to nominate someone for elimination. Also she was the one person who supported Sabrina on the show.

More likeable than Russell

Was very close to voting Gillian but went Jon. Gillian was a dark horse and got brighter as the days passed by

I believe she would have won if put in final - BogsDollocks

Should be in the final with Gail

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6 Joy Parham-Thomas - Season 12

She should not be as high as #4. She could have won, but instead she decides to quit after making a few mistakes

As soon as her friend went she tossed the teddy out of the cot because she no longer had an alliance.
A manipulative bully if you watch a few times especially at elimination

Not even in top 100 all time - BogsDollocks

Joy is a quitter she had a chance to win

Should of not quit

7 Melanie Finch - Season 12

Got dumber as the competition went along

8 Rochelle Bergman - Season 12

I liked watching Rochelle during her journey. I definitely think that if she could have a bit more experience working in a brigade apart from being a Catering Chef, then she would have definitely made it to the finals.

Good cook but would not be able to command a brigade

As Rochelle's family been voting - BogsDollocks

9 Milly Medley - Season 14

A Big Softie underneath that has the Jewel in the Chef's Crown. Shame Ramsay couldn't take that into proper consideration...

He, has the most passion out of any contestant ever to step into Hells kitchen. The moment I saw him, I knew I was going to like him. he's a softie that will help teammates, but will point out mistakes that people make.

Far more deserving of 3rd or 2nd place than 4th place

10 Dana Cohen - Season 10

She should have made it over Justin

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? Chris Motto - Season 18

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11 Giovanni Filipponi - Season 5

He was strong and had a great attitude and his cooking was accepatable and shouldn't have benn given the boot based on one night's service

Has was improving since episode 1 and becme an important member for the read. The only reason why Rmsay eliminated him was because of fighting with chef ramsay but it ws chef's ramsay fault for calling him dickface, giovanni was sicking tired of his insults.

12 Jen Yemola - Season 3

She is a stronger chef than Bonnie

13 Bobby Anderson - Season 4

Thanks Ramsay for inexplicably eliminating Bobby over the arrogant, bad-attituted, evil, bratty Jen

14 Heidi Parent - Season 16

Heidi deserved it to be in the finale - ClashingWizardWill92

15 Michelle Tribble - Season 14

She had so much talent and potential. Not sure if T deserved it over her.

Should've been eliminated in 4th place over Milly

Should've came in 4th place instead of 3rd place

16 Elise Wims - Season 9

I don't know who tf would put an obnoxious big mouthed big headed cold hearted bitch on this list, but the only reason why it would be good to put someone like her in the finals is because Will can definitely edge her out and win! With Paul and Will, somehow he edged out Will, but Elise isn’t deserving of it! - aceboogieog

17 Van Hurd - Season 6
18 Ed Battaglia - Season 7
19 Ashley Nickell - Season 15
20 Keith Greene - Season 2

He should've replaced Virginia in the finale.

21 Jennifer Normant - Season 9

Thanks Elise for brainwashing Paul and Will


22 Tommy Stevens - Season 9

Although I knew he would not make it to the finals. He is one of the most likable contestants to step foot in Hells Kitchen - ColinA

23 Ariel Contreras-Fox - Season 6

I think she should be off this list considering she won Season 18.

24 Jason Ellis - Season 7

It's a shame he couldn't keep up with Jay and holli

25 Barbie Marshall - Season 10

So glad she proved herself to be better than everyone in the Tiff-Rob-Kim squad before All-Stars

26 Jared Bobkin - Season 15
27 Elsie Ramos - Season 1

Thanks Ramsay for eliminating her over the arrogant out of her depth Jessica

28 Garrett Telle - Season 2

Why? He should be eliminated for the finger, it was disrespectful, for chef Ramsay

At least he's better than miss no talent Virginia

29 Cyndi Stanimirov - Season 11

Should of been in final instead of Mart

30 Andrea Heinly - Season 5
31 Tennille Middleton - Season 6
32 Gail Novenario - Season 8
33 Natalie Blake - Season 9

Lead the blue team

34 Kalen Morgenstern - Season 13

Uhh... This list is for people that actually HAD black jackets.

35 Sade Dancy - Season 13
36 Amanda Giblin - Season 11
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