Top 10 Hell's Kitchen Contestants That Did Not Get a Black Jacket

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21 LA - Season 5

Why LA? Like someone said on the Best Hell's Kitchen Contestants list, she was a merely sub par performer throughout the season.

LA should have stayed for a bit longer...not worth of a black jacket but should have stayed a bit longer. - spodermanfan1000

I liked her attitude and her fight back but getting a black jacket I can't really imagine. - spodermanfan1000

22 Sterling - Season 13

This guy definitely deserved a black jacket. He was a good chef with a positive attitude always being 100!


23 Nilka - Season 7

Her collapse on the 10th episode was sad.


Her exit was hilarious

24 Mary Ellen - Season 1 V 1 Comment
25 Michael - Season 11

He was only eliminated because of being the worst performer of the night, there were worst contestants than him: nedra, susan and mary. He was consistent. - tadeo5678

26 Louis - Season 8

I interject with this one. Just look at him in night four

Louis- 1 bad service and gets eliminated that early.
Sabrina, Boris, Melissa- More inconsistent and had like 3 bad services in a row. Boris or Sabrina deserved to get eliminated at that time.

27 Chad - Season 15

Ramsay kept going after him but I thought Chad was great, the most vocal out of all of them by far and he reminded me of Scott a lot

One of the only good guys of his season

Should finish further than Jackie or (especially) Frank

28 Eddie - Season 15

He's good all right

Frank and Chad was worse than Eddie on the service that he was eliminated. How come he was eliminated?!

29 Aaron - Season 16
30 Andrew - Season 16

He was doing this for his family

Share your own opinion...

So what? He never owned uo to his mistakes at least Johnny owned uo to his mistakes,he cheated on his fiancee,never told Heather that he has a fiancee and he isn't the only one who wa doing this for his family...

31 Sabrina - Season 6

I would have given her the black jacket instead of Suzanne

She is the worst female contestant at cooking meat by a light year

32 Vanessa - Season 4

I interject with this one. She had a few good moments, but she had a lot of really bad moments.

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33 Zach - Season 11

Best performer up until the end? HA! His first service was a total fluke! He only got worse and worse as the season progressed. In episode 4, he wasted a bunch of salmon because he didn't cook it to order, and then he tried to cut corners and serve some of the salmon he already cooked, and then he lied when Chef Ramsay confronted him. In episode 10, he kept failing to serve enough portions of potatoes, and snapped at Chef Ramsay when confronted, and he acted childish after he was nominated that night. The next episode, he tried to sabotage Ray with cold sauce. In episode 15, he fell apart even more and even made excuses for his bad performance, and somehow didn't get eliminated. Then the next episode was the final nail in the coffin for Zach. He wasn't the best performer up until the end, he was only the best for the first service. His cooking and his attitude only worsened as the season progressed.

Take him off this list right now!

His attitude was better than others

He had a better attitude then Jen, Robyn, and Elise

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34 Roshni - Season 10

Maybe worth of a black jacket but there were way more talented people. Don't get me wrong, Roshni is an amazing competitor but there were better. - spodermanfan1000

Went to early

35 Raj - Season 8

Raj was amazing. Not only was he great at cooking, he was on his feet, helped everyone out and sought out his teammates' potential to be the best chef they could be. Shocking he got eliminated.

Culinary god

Should definitely NOT be on here!

He got attacked by the blue team,which is why Ramsay eliminated him

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36 Amanda - Season 6

Why is she on here? She is an immature kid that can't cook to save her own ass and she tried get ramsay drunk for no reason. This gal clearly doesn't belong in Hell's Kitchen or this industry.

37 Mieka - Season 14 V 1 Comment
38 Louie - Season 6 why is Louie on here? - spodermanfan1000

39 Chris - Season 1

Why is he on here?

40 Jim - Season 6
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