Top 10 Hell's Kitchen Contestants That Did Not Get a Black Jacket

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41 Richard - Season 12
42 Christine - Season 14

Eh... Not necessarily. She was rather inconsistent.

Shouldn't be on here. She's great in challenges, but horrible in services.

43 Sarah - Season 14

Shouldn't be on here. While she's good in challenges, she's terrible in services.

44 Steve - Season 13

Absolutely not! Steve was the biggest douchebag of season 13!

45 Melissa - Season 8

Why the hell is she on this list?! She's useless! She had little to no good moments whatsoever during her stay! Remember when she overcooked 23 filets and then wasted 7 pounds of scallops?

She is a terrible chef and was DEFINITELY the second worst competitor of the season (of course) next to Raj!

Melissa was a mediocre competitor, very few good moments and should NOT earn a black jacket. - spodermanfan1000

This better be a joke - princepretty

46 Briana - Season 10
47 Mike - Season 12

Seriously? This guy was the biggest douchebag in Season 12, and he's tried to escape from punishments

48 Raj - Season 8

Raj was amazing. Not only was he great at cooking, he was on his feet, helped everyone out and sought out his teammates' potential to be the best chef they could be. Shocking he got eliminated.

Culinary god

Should definitely NOT be on here!

He got attacked by the blue team,which is why Ramsay eliminated him

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49 Sherkenna - Season 15

Sherkenna should not be on here. She sucked in challenges and gave up too easily in service.

She should've left first - princepretty

50 Vanessa - Season 15

She was lacking confidence beyond belief.

51 Melissa - Season 3

She went hero to zero but she did drive her kitchen. - spodermanfan1000

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