Best Hell's Kitchen Runners-Up

Best runners-up (why not runner-ups? ugh) from Hell's Kitchen over the years.

The Top Ten

1 Will (Season 9) Will (Season 9)

I felt that he was better than Paul in every department, except maybe desserts. That final challenge screw-up by Krupa was not a big-enough reason to hand Paul the victory. Will won many challenges for his team and helped complete many dinner services. He also excelled at spotting mistakes while running the kitchen. - jimmy12lee

2 Paula (Season 5) Paula (Season 5)

She should have won over Danny. If it wasn't for Danny's growth in hell's kitchen Paula would have won. Paula was better then Danny and Andrea. Danny had an unfair advantage being from America. Paula was from Brazil. Everyone supported Danny� - �

Well no, danny just did better the entire season and was the best on that blue team along with gio - Flamewc

Many say that the only reason she lost was because she went up against Danny. She would have won against Christina (S4), Holli, Nona, Paul or Ja'Nel. - jimmy12lee

3 Kevin (Season 6) Kevin (Season 6)

The one-legged man fell to the one-armed crusader. - jimmy12lee

4 Virginia (Season 2) Virginia (Season 2)

Virginia was a good leader but at times the kitchen ran Virginia. She choose the wrong people for her team taking Keith, Tom and Giacomo.Tom and Keith asked for $1000 from Virginia but unfortunately she didn't win so Tom and Keith didn't earn the money. Lukley Giacomo was humble and accepted defeat. Virginia had made many mistakes in her past she didn't merit having her own restaurant.

5 Ralph (Season 1) Ralph (Season 1)

Ralph was an incredible chef in season 1. Even if Gordon Ramsay decided to do a competition with the runner ups he would stand out. The only reason he lost was because he had Dewberry, Andrew and Wendy. Wendy was a bad cook, Dewberry felt uncomfortable at times and Andrew was rushed to the hospital during prep. What a shame.

6 Bonnie (Season 3) Bonnie (Season 3)

The most-improved chef in Hell's Kitchen history. - jimmy12lee

7 Justin (Season 10) Justin (Season 10)

From what I have seen in season 10, he was a very strong chef, and was the first chef to get a four out of four on the blind taste test. He was also bold and creative, and improved on his mistakes, had he been up against some of the other winners I have no doubt he could take home the crown

8 Petrozza (Season 4) Petrozza (Season 4)

This gentlemen was charismatic and was extremely likable and his cooking showed he was better than any other season 4 contestant

Definitely a better chef than Christina and her earbleeding voice

Had a tendency to panic and fall apart.. otherwise a very strong chef. - jimmy12lee

9 Kristin (Season 15)
10 Mia (Season 18)

Should come back to compete in Hell's Kitchen again

She’s unlucky she had to go agaisnt Ariel. Always think positively, young but confident, willing to learn. She has natural traits that a good chef must has. Talk about cooking skills alone she was the best at her season, hands down due to the fact that she kept dominating challenges with her own talent, not luck. If she had more experience in the professional kitchen (she is a private chef), even Ariel wouldn’t have a chance. What a shame she didn’t get any offer from Gordon as she has so many potential to be great. Instead she return to her private chef and became a good photographer, which is good for her but still a shame because that is a waste to her talent.

The Contenders

11 Jay (Season 7) Jay (Season 7)
12 T (Season 14)
13 Mary (Season 11) Mary (Season 11)

This was a season where the final four were all on the same level. - jimmy12lee

14 Russell (Season 8) Russell (Season 8)
15 Benjamin (Season 17)
16 Jason (Season 12)

Deserved to win over Scott

17 Bryant (Season 13)
18 Heather (Season 16)
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