Best Hell's Kitchen Runners-Up

Best runners-up (why not runner-ups? ugh) from Hell's Kitchen over the years.

The Top Ten

1 Will (Season 9) Will (Season 9)

I felt that he was better than Paul in every department, except maybe desserts. That final challenge screw-up by Krupa was not a big-enough reason to hand Paul the victory. Will won many challenges for his team and helped complete many dinner services. He also excelled at spotting mistakes while running the kitchen. - jimmy12lee

2 Paula (Season 5) Paula (Season 5)

Many say that the only reason she lost was because she went up against Danny. She would have won against Christina (S4), Holli, Nona, Paul or Ja'Nel. - jimmy12lee

3 Kevin (Season 6) Kevin (Season 6)

The one-legged man fell to the one-armed crusader. - jimmy12lee

4 Bonnie (Season 3) Bonnie (Season 3)

The most-improved chef in Hell's Kitchen history. - jimmy12lee

5 Petrozza (Season 4) Petrozza (Season 4)

This gentlemen was charismatic and was extremely likable and his cooking showed he was better than any other season 4 contestant

Definitely a better chef than Christina and her earbleeding voice

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6 Virginia (Season 2) Virginia (Season 2)
7 Ralph (Season 1) Ralph (Season 1)
8 Justin (Season 10) Justin (Season 10)
9 Kristin (Season 15)
10 Jay (Season 7) Jay (Season 7)

The Contenders

11 Mary (Season 11) Mary (Season 11)

This was a season where the final four were all on the same level. - jimmy12lee

12 Russell (Season 8) Russell (Season 8)
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