Top 10 Hell's Kitchen Season 16 Contestants

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She was cute. Knew she could win and spoiler alerts, she did.

Should be Season 16's #1

From the start I knew she would win.

Heather s16 should have won like the Heather from s2.


Personally I would have liked to have seen her win this season

I like her name

"Heather, you're going down! "


I admit I didn't like this guy at first. I thought he was a bit of a donkey but the guy grew on me. He was more of a gentleman than most of the Season 16 male team. I didn't think he'd win but he definitely became one of my favorites.

Most mature and gracious contestant.

Why does he get so much fame? He cooked a grilled cheese sandwich incorrectly

Should have won and should be at yard bird not kicken chicken


I didn't like Heather. Her comments about Ryan in the finale were very distasteful, and it was absolutely disgusting watching her and Andrew flirting.

Should not be on here,and Heidi deserved to win


Helped Ryan win despite being the earliest eliminated and even his elimination was bull cause Paulie sabotaged him

I really liked him. He always was pretty consistent and only got eliminated because of an outburst. Also his hair is great HOW DO YOU DO THAT

Went home way too early.

Should have gotten a black jacket over Paulie!


He passed away in 2016


Of course his elimination was BS, because Johnny needed to go, BADLY!

While the kid did have some inconsistencies in some services, I still think he had potential. I think Ramsay gave up on him too early to be honest.


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She may have gone on a downward spiral, but at least she had a good palate


He deserved to be more up


He wears hats backwards


Gia was clueless so I am glad this is at the bottom.


Two words: No passion


Ramsay gave up on him too early. Matt should've gone home first. At least he had a great signature dish. Matt was just more inconsistent.

Scored 3

Meh. He was pretty much useless.

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