Best Hell's Kitchen Season 6 Contestants

The Top Ten

1 Dave Levey

The greatest contestant in Hell's Kitchen history!

2 Kevin Cottle

He could won this competition, he was really amazing like Dave

How is Ariel above Kevin?

3 Ariel Contreras-Fox

Ariel is one of the most underrated chefs ever to be on the show. She's overshadowed by Dave & Kevin- two of the very best that the show has ever put out.

4 Van Hurd

One of the funniest contestants in Hell's Kitchen history.

5 Tennille Middleton

This gal rocks it!

6 Sabrina Gresset
7 Robert Hesse

He was awful during season 6. He was great during season 5, though.

Looking for Season 6 he should be lower - Orbitovsky

8 Suzanne Schlicht

Shouldn't be in the top 10. She was just horrible.

9 Andy Husbands
10 Jim McGloin

Definitely deserves a spot in the top 10.

The Contenders

11 Amanda Davenport
12 Joseph Tinnelly

Should be bottom for sure!

13 Melinda Meaney

Why is Melinda in the top 10? She sucked!

14 Tek Moore
15 Tony D'Alessandro
16 Lovely Jackson
17 Louie Cordio
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