Helloween Songs with the Best Choruses of the 1980s

The Top Ten

1 Halloween

In the streets on Halloween
There's something going on
No way to escape the power unknown
In the streets on Halloween
The spirits will arise
Make your choice, it's hell or paradise
Ah - It's Halloween
Ah - It's Halloween... tonight!

2 Judas

Fight for freedom, fight for rights
I see treason in your eyes.

Judas - rulin' with an iron hand
Judas - sittin' in the government
Judas - I am not a Jesus Christ
Judas - you will be the one who's crucified

3 I Want Out

I want out--to live my life alone
I want out--leave me be
I want out--to do things on my own
I want out--to live my life and to be free

4 Eagle Fly Free

Eagle fly free
let people see
just make it your own way
leave time behind
follow the sign
together we'll fly someday

5 Guardians

Guardians of our lives
Protect security
They turn the key and they step in
Controlling you and me
Guardians of our lives
Take care eternally

6 Keeper of the Seven Keys

You're the keeper of the seven keys
that lock up the seven seas
and the seer of visions sais before he went blind
hide them from demons and rescue mankind
or the world we're all in will soon be sold
to the thone of the evil payed with Lucifer's gold

7 Heavy metal is the law

Heavy Metal is the law that keeps us all united free
A law that shatters earth and hell
Heavy Metal can't be beaten by any dynasty
We're all wizards fightin' with our spell

8 A Little Time

We got
A little time to build up our lives
A little time to make up our minds
A little time to fill up our dreams
A little time, time

9 March of Time

on without us all, never stops, yes
on and on and on, flies eternally

10 Starlight

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Starlight! Fallin' in deep thru your eyes!
Starlight! Shinin' down for your soul to arise!

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