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1 Henry Hart

1, its Jace for goodness sake! No one can hate Jace. And two, Henry's funny, sarcastic, (a caring bro. Like have you not watch JAM session and spoiler alert? ). He's awesome and handsome and smart, and the best.

Do you guys like have a Crush on Jace Norman? You guys will never meet! I doubt any of you have anything common with him I mean I just think he's a boy who plays my favorite character Henry but you guys are acting like he's your date or something! he's Not even In Collage He Will Next Year but You can't "Marry Him"until he's out Of Collage You Guys Need To Think Amd Grow Up I Mean Some Of You Are. Like 4 And Saying That Your "ready To Marry Him!

You know Jace Norman has feelings too...

Yea they do care about this show bye.

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2 Jasper Dunlap

The one who said I shook an egg and I drew a picture of me. The only episode he was bad in was Caved In

Keep this a secret. That I like Henry Hart and I no his secret please

You spelled his last name wrong

I'm ib love with jasper. If I see him the streets ill wear him out

3 Captain Man Captain Man

My God Ray is hilarious how the heck did JASPER score higher on this list he's not funny at all. - Discord

At least he's not like the other characters

His shirts make me laugh.

Damn, He's hot. - LapisBob

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4 Charlotte

She's one of the only characters that makes sense.

At least she's funny but I hate the show

She’s the only smart one on the team, and I like that.

5 Schwoz Schwartz

"bye peoples... Shwoz out"

I love shwaz

6 Piper Hart

Not one of the best. The worst! She makes Veruca Salt look like DARWIN WATTERSON!

I kinda like him. She is funny, She kinda reminds me of Anais Watterson from TAWOG. - LapisBob

She's a spoiled brat, and is an idiot.

I love imitating her and Oliver. - Powerfulgirl10

7 Oliver

I love Oliver he is so much funnier than jasper

8 Mrs. Hart

Hi Mrs Hart Tell you important yes listen ask you I’m really very so sorry sneak out yes Mrs Hart I’m so very sorry why me what Mrs Hart No I’m not grounded going town yes really so very sorry

9 Vandel

IT'S BANDEL - AnnaRoblox

10 Gooba Gooch

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11 Mr. Hart
12 Toddler
13 Dr. Minyak
14 Nurse Cohort
15 Drill Finger
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