Best Henry Danger Characters


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1 Henry Hart

He sucks because he's an annoying idiot who cannot even use common sense

You know Jace Norman has feelings too...

I think Henry wanted to get a job at an early age so he can get away from Piper.


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2 Jasper Dunlap

The one who said I shook an egg and I drew a picture of me. The only episode he was bad in was Caved In

Keep this a secret. That I like Henry Hart and I no his secret please

You spelled his last name wrong

I'm ib love with jasper. If I see him the streets ill wear him out

3 Captain Man Captain Man

My God Ray is hilarious how the heck did JASPER score higher on this list he's not funny at all. - Discord

At least he's not like the other characters

His shirts make me laugh.

I'm a cheerstar

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4 Charlotte

At least she's funny but I hate the show

She's one of the only characters that makes sense.

5 Schwoz Schwartz V 2 Comments
6 Piper Hart

Not one of the best. The worst! She makes Veruca Salt look like DARWIN WATTERSON!

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7 Gooba Gooch
8 Mr. Hart
9 Toddler
10 Oliver

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11 Mrs. Hart
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