Top Ten Henry Danger Episodes that Should Be Made

This list is for Henry danger haters not the fangirls so you have been warned

The Top Ten

1 Everyone Dies Expect Charlotte and the Show Ends

I cannot find the TopTens list of songs when Henry Danger gets cancelled.

Henry Danger is the cheesiest show I've ever seen, no joke

Nah, Charlotte can die too. - DCfnaf

Did u know this is even getting a “musical” episode? They’re wasting their air time on this show. And The Thundermans.

2 A Pal for Piper

Hey Piper talk to you yes want bring new phone case yes Christmas stay in my room text you yeah and your brother Herny yes then text jasper

Puffy Fluffy I hope will be in this episode. - Datguyisweird666

Puffy Fluffy + Piper = Perfection - TwilightKitsune

Piper deserves torture so it will be better than Gary. - DCfnaf

3 Henry Abuse
4 One Coarse Kid

Lol love the reference - DCfnaf

5 Captain Man Abuse
6 Jasper Sticks for Himself

Jasper is the only character I can tolerate from the awful show

Jasper is the only character I like - TwilightKitsune

I put this here since I feel so sorry fkr him that he is abused by piper - epictoonsfan1

7 Keep Swellview Beautiful
8 Swellview Gets Nuked

This should definitely happen! The place gets totally destroyed

Zim and GIR nuke Swellveiw - epictoonsfan1

9 The Writers Learn the Basics of Writing

I bet any toptenner can write better plots than the writers of henery danger - epictoonsfan1

Of course

10 Superman and Batman Kills Captain Man, Henry, Piper and Jasper

Yeah, get real superheroes in this garbage! - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 Piper Gets a Spanking

Hey kid danger your sister piper yes kid danger sitting down yelling piper downstairs yes laying down kid danger because yes listen Piper spanked you yes

Hey piper give you punishment and you grounded yes

Going on piper yes you staring kid danger

12 Natsu and Lucy Kills Captain Man and Kid Danger
13 Piper Abuse

She deserves it for being a caillou - epictoonsfan1

14 10,000 Pals for Piper
15 House Fancy with the Harts

Piper will be the one with her toenail crushed.

16 Piper Turns into A Monster during Tantrums

Hey piper don’t throw tantrums I don’t like No piper you And angry and yelling and screaming I don’t like No tell your brother Henry

17 Captain Falcon VS Captain Man

Have Rick Wheeler and Jack Levin from F-Zero Gp Legend to take down Henry and Piper!

18 The Joker Beats Up Henry and Ray

Kid danger Are you okay Oh good I’m Tell piper yes

19 Captain America beats up Captain Man
20 Piper Gets Flushed Down The Toilet
21 Shirtless Captain Man
22 Osomatsu and Stan Marsh Nukes Swellview

That would be a fun episode

23 Captain Man Gets Pregnant

Already happend

24 Power Rangers VS Captain Man and Kid Danger
25 Piper Gets Mutated
26 Captain Man Gets Arrested for turning a baby green
27 Boku no Henry Danger
28 Captain Man and Kid Danger vs the Gagbusters from Mighty Mouse the New Adventure
29 Piper Gets Eaten by a Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan
30 Captain Man and Kid Danger in Attack on Titan
31 Guardians of the Galaxy vs Captain Man and Kid Danger
32 Captain Man and Kid Danger vs Deadpool
33 Captain Man and Kid Danger vs the Punisher

Kid danger give you punishment

34 Piper Gets Eaten by an Evil Giant Parrot
35 Captain Man and Henry Danger VS Violance Jack
36 Captain Man and Kid Danger vs Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking from Outlaw Star
37 Captain Man and Kid Danger in Midori: Shojo Tsubaki
38 Piper the Executioner
39 Piper Becomes Donald Trump
40 Piper Gets Eaten By Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist
41 The Splinter
42 Charlotte Farts in Her Pants

And her pants explodes on fire

43 Pokemon Attack and Kill Everyone
44 The Swellview Police Department Gets Shut Down for Being Terrible.
45 Henry Danger: Infinity War
46 The Nuclear Explosion
47 Henry Danger and Captain Man vs Sailor Scouts
48 Everyone Dies a Horrible Death
49 Piper and Henry Get Shreked
50 Kid Danger vs Thanos
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