Top Ten Greatest Henry Danger Episodes

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1 The Bucket Trap

Stop being such a lazy bones and get off your butt

I love this episode it's one of the best

Awesome episode it doesn't suck

Its ok

2 Tears of the Jolly Beetle

I actually cried when those beetles cried. And I was annoyed when Drake and Josh, one of my favorites during my youth, was billed as the funniest show ever, even though it's close - there are heaps better out there.

Kid dumpster and DR maniac so funny!

I love this episode.

3 Jasper Danger
4 The Danger Begins

I really liked it

5 Caved In

Love the fact that Charlotte and Henry tried their best to make Ray feel better.

6 Henry & the Bad Girl

I really, really, love this episode! It is one of the best!

I wish I could date Kid Danger, he is super sexy

Henry and Veronica are the original OTP

hey let me go walldogs kid danger spary me my boyfriend yes

7 Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems

I like this show

8 Captain Jerk
9 Danger Games

I am not hating on this crossover. I have dignity and taste unlike people who like Dumb Shakers.

My two favourite sitcoms in the same universe?! YES PLEASE!

Love it how 2 shows come together

If u love Dan Schneider’s still running shows, this ones for u!

10 The Time Jerker
The Contenders
11 Let's Make a Steal

Game shows are great and their prizes but every episode is good!

I love the the boys on the show ray Manchester is so funny and I love henry hart when he wins a game show and jasper and my favorite part was when captain man and kid danger fight crime and save the world it will be so cool if I was on the that episode and I will be fighting crime too so I can be with captain man and kid danger

12 Dream Busters

Kid Danger will always be my favorite person on the show no matter what. He is so sexy

One of the funniest episodes made besides the invisible brad ones

This episode was hilarious

Kid danger Are you okay

13 Too Much Game
14 The Beat Goes On
15 Hour of Power

I as well am sorry

Kid danger I’m so very sorry

Hour Of Power
(Season 3 Episode 6 And 7)

16 Text Lies and Video

uh no sleeping kid danger House House not breathing I don't know House stop breathing do something kid danger ok you do it yes me shirt off ok got it kid danger do it yes House stop breathing yeah are you going ok

Morning Henry uh Noting much watching Henry danger watching text lies video

Henry you delete my video you drop my phone kitchen sink I’m kill you Herny yes my phone download stop over my shoulder made soup okay finish download Hey Henry send me video Ahh Henry give to my phone

Kid danger broke up with you yes sorry about last night

17 Henry and the Woodpeckers

More thought provoking than most Henry Danger episodes but it's still just as funny as all the other episodes.

18 I Know Your Secret

Jasper finaly knows LOL
Love the scene that henry change in Kiddanger in front of Japer and then pulls of his mask and get memories up

Henry don’t take my phone No let my phone charge let me sleep cloud Hey piper help me your brother Herny yes drop my phone let charge download yes watching video I’m texting

19 A New Hero

The part we’re Henry lost his super fast reflexes was sad and I felt emotional.

NO Henry lost his powers got them back and lost them again :(

20 Kid Grounded

This should be #1. Piper: I hate being grounded, thanks a lot. Henry:I wouldn't have told on you if you wouldn't have told on me. Piper:ok, how about this(flips the couch over.) I love henry danger so much

Henry Wait I’m sneak out yes I can do make me Henry why me I’m grounded No Henry I’m Tell piper Hey piper your brother Henry groud me yes

21 Danger Meets Thunder

This episode was strange

22 Love Muffin

I've been watching this show since yesterday, and so far, really only enjoyed this episode, and like, another. Do I like the jokes? I don't really know. I laugh at how cheesy and unfunny they are, but not sure that even counts. I hear people saying this is apparently the worst Nick Show ever, which I wish I could agree with, but can't. Do I like it? Personally, not really. I only watch it for the cheesy and cringe; but honestly, there has been worse things out there. For example; Game Shakers? Please. Thundermans? No. I've tried Knight Squad, and while I can't judge on the first episode, it was Incredibly bad. This is why I really have to say... it's the only tolerable thing as of now. It entertains me, personally cause I like cringey stuff. I like to think they acknowledge this, which I really hope they do. You might not like the jokes, which is fine; I don't either. The acting is supposedly terrible, but watch other Nick Sitcoms, let's see what you think.
Anyway, the episode.

This should be #1 Guenn: What words do I say to activate the tube suckage? Henry: Oh it's Diamonds Rubies Lift Me Tubies Guenn: Thank you, Diamonds Rubies Lift Me Tubies(they all laugh) (threats them) I will tap this button, I mean it. Charlotte: Just say Up The Tube. Guenn: Up The Tube(goes up)

Ray are you mad at Henry and Henry beat up Okay Ray

Diamonds rubies lift me tubies

23 Mouth Candy

Steal candy yes jasper please tell kid danger I hates jails

Kid danger and captain man Henry danger

24 Danger and Thunder
25 One Henry, Three Girls
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