Top Ten Greatest Henry Danger Episodes

The Top Ten Greatest Henry Danger Episodes

1 The Bucket Trap

Everyone who hates Henry Danger is a total dimwit, moron, dumb head, dunce and imbecile

Every Henry danger episode sucks

I love this episode it's one of the best

Everyone who does not like this show is so dumb and a moron

2 Tears of the Jolly Beetle

I actually cried when those beetles cried. And I was annoyed when Drake and Josh, one of my favorites during my youth, was billed as the funniest show ever, even though it's close - there are heaps better out there.

Kid dumpster and DR maniac so funny! - cadespencer

I love this episode. To those of you who hate Henry danger, keep your opinion to yourself bitches.

3 Jasper Danger
4 Caved In

Love the fact that Charlotte and Henry tried their best to make Ray feel better.

5 The Danger Begins

I really liked it

6 Henry & the Bad Girl

I wish I could date Kid Danger, he is super sexy

I really, really, love this episode! It is one of the best!

Henry and a hot girl? SWEET!

captain man and kid danger

7 Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems

I like this show

8 Captain Jerk
9 Danger Games

So every one who came on to comment said their opinions on game shakers except
NO ONE REALLY CARES. if you don't like the show don't watch it. Don't come over and say people don't have taste or dignity if they watch the show, that's to far.

I am not hating on this crossover. I have dignity and taste unlike people who like Dumb Shakers.

Game Shakers is a dumb show. If you like that show you are boring and have nothing else to do. Get a life and stop watching dumb Game Shakers.

Game Shakers are dumb. I am going to watch Henry Danger episodes without the Game Shakers.

10 The Time Jerker

The Contenders

11 Let's Make a Steal

I love the the boys on the show ray Manchester is so funny and I love henry hart when he wins a game show and jasper and my favorite part was when captain man and kid danger fight crime and save the world it will be so cool if I was on the that episode and I will be fighting crime too so I can be with captain man and kid danger

Game shows are great and their prizes but every episode is good!

12 Dream Busters

Kid Danger will always be my favorite person on the show no matter what. He is so sexy

This episode was hilarious

Kid danger Are you okay

One of the funniest episodes made besides the invisible brad ones - cadespencer

13 The Beat Goes On
14 Too Much Game
15 Hour of Power

Hour Of Power
(Season 3 Episode 6 And 7)

I as well am sorry


Kid danger I’m so very sorry

16 Henry and the Woodpeckers
17 I Know Your Secret

Jasper finaly knows LOL
Love the scene that henry change in Kiddanger in front of Japer and then pulls of his mask and get memories up

Henry don’t take my phone No let my phone charge let me sleep cloud Hey piper help me your brother Herny yes drop my phone let charge download yes watching video I’m texting

18 A New Hero

NO Henry lost his powers got them back and lost them again :(

The part we’re Henry lost his super fast reflexes was sad and I felt emotional.

19 Kid Grounded

This should be #1. Piper: I hate being grounded, thanks a lot. Henry:I wouldn't have told on you if you wouldn't have told on me. Piper:ok, how about this(flips the couch over.) I love henry danger so much

Henry Wait I’m sneak out yes I can do make me Henry why me I’m grounded No Henry I’m Tell piper Hey piper your brother Henry groud me yes

20 Text Lies and Video

Hey Henry stop over my shoulder why kitchen again make soup fine watch video my phone finish download Henry are you doing uh okay yes my phone ready hey Hen send me video message AHH Henry yelling piper help me piper untied me my ankle yeah thank you your brother Henry took my phone you and me piper chase him get him oh great back inside house hey Henry you drop my phone kitchen sink you don't do it Henry thank you get me new phone thanks well Jake oh yeah cloud no old phone matter Henry eat apple oh jasper stay from my phone tied go to bed

Henry took my phone last night sneak out in my room what why Henry finish my phone download stop Henry over my shoulder drop my phone sink oh yeah kill you yeah I'm chasing you around yes mine Henry hey Charlotte my phone delete my video message yes Charlotte thank you Charlotte ugh Henry sight I'm leaving your house

Morning Henry uh Noting much watching Henry danger watching text lies video

Morning Henry where my phone what you drop my phone sink oh yeah I'm kill you yes uh tonight yes I'm chaseing you hi charottle yeah my phone catch my phone hey Henry yes mine don't care

21 Danger Meets Thunder

All my friends and my siblings hate this episode. They are not the only ones who hates this episode.

Boring. Every time me and my friends watch this episode it gets more boring by the second.

Thundermans is a dumb show. If you like this show you are boring and have nothing else to do. Get a life and stop watching Thundermans.

I don’t like any of the crossovers excluding Knight and Danger

22 Love Muffin

I've been watching this show since yesterday, and so far, really only enjoyed this episode, and like, another. Do I like the jokes? I don't really know. I laugh at how cheesy and unfunny they are, but not sure that even counts. I hear people saying this is apparently the worst Nick Show ever, which I wish I could agree with, but can't. Do I like it? Personally, not really. I only watch it for the cheesy and cringe; but honestly, there has been worse things out there. For example; Game Shakers? Please. Thundermans? No. I've tried Knight Squad, and while I can't judge on the first episode, it was Incredibly bad. This is why I really have to say... it's the only tolerable thing as of now. It entertains me, personally cause I like cringey stuff. I like to think they acknowledge this, which I really hope they do. You might not like the jokes, which is fine; I don't either. The acting is supposedly terrible, but watch other Nick Sitcoms, let's see what you think.
Anyway, the episode.

This is one of all my favorite episodes

Ray are you mad at Henry and Henry beat up Okay Ray

Diamonds rubies lift me tubies

23 Mouth Candy

Steal candy yes jasper please tell kid danger I hates jails

Kid danger and captain man Henry danger

LOL Podcast 1,2,3

24 Toddler Invasion
25 Broken Armed and Dangerous

This is such a great episode when Piper said My brother is so grose which means kid danger is grose but I love kid danger means I love my brother ah!

People almost found out he was kid danger very interesting. Henry had a broken arm and everyone was trying to find a person with a newly broken arm they saw Henry had a broken arm so they found out he is kid danger

26 One Henry, Three Girls
27 Danger and Thunder

Thundermans are dumb heads. Stop watching this show and get a life

This episode should be second bottom of the list

I command for this crossover to be deleted.

Dumb episode

28 Diamonds Are for Heather

Was this an only fools and horses reference? - Unnamed Google User Remade

Heather steal diamond captain men and kid danger

Not bad episode

29 Sick & Wired

Herny lie to me yes Herny are you lie to me

30 Back To The Danger

Drex is back and goes back - 100,000,000 years ago

31 Elevator Kiss

I'm stuck Elevator kid danger save me uh sure why not first kiss you

32 Jasper's Real Girlfriend
33 Scream Machine

Kid danger and captain man

captain man and kid danger hates jailsyes

34 Opposite Universe
35 Gas or Fail
36 The Space Rock
37 Super Volcano
38 Henry the Man-Beast
39 The Secret Gets Out
40 Man of the House
41 Spoiler Alert
42 My Phony Valentine
43 Substitute Teacher

This episode is so funny and it is my 5th favorite episode.

Without a doubt the best episode of the show with a very interesting concept.

44 Birthday Girl Down
45 Invisible Brad
46 Secret Beef
47 A Fiñata Full of Death Bugs
48 Grave Danger

This should be #1. Charlotte: Well I think your problem could be... Invisible Brad(they all gasp and look at Ray.) Ray:blows raspberry)What? No way, Invisible brad is dead, he got hit by a bus. I went to his funeral(throws his arms down in every word) Henry:(does the same, mocking Ray)Did You see him at the funeral? Ray:Yes it was an open casket, I walked right up and looked inside. Henry:(laughs as he talks)Well what did you see? Ray:Nothing. Charlotte:AH-HA. Ray:(moves his hands in a weird way)Well he's invisible. Charlotte:Well I say that maybe, Invisible Brad is not dead. Ray:Alright(nods at Henry) Charlotte: Where're you going? Ray: We're going to the Swellview ceminery. Henry(corrects Ray)Cemetery. I love that part and Jace Norman is so hot

49 Captain Man on Vacation
50 Henry's Jelly

I think whenever Henry is jelly, He looks funny, Also, he is cool

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