Top Ten Greatest Henry Danger Episodes

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1 The Bucket Trap

Every Henry danger episode sucks

In your dreams you little... If you don't like the show than, newsflash, DON'T CLICK ON THE LIST!

I love this episode it's one of the best


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2 Tears of the Jolly Beetle

Kid dumpster and DR maniac so funny! - cadespencer

I love this episode. To those of you who hate Henry danger, keep your opinion to yourself bitches.

3 Jasper Danger
4 Caved In
5 The Danger Begins
6 Henry & the Bad Girl

I really, really, love this episode! It is one of the best!

Henry and a hot girl? SWEET!

7 Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems
8 Captain Jerk
9 The Time Jerker
10 Let's Make a Steal

I love the the boys on the show ray Manchester is so funny and I love henry hart when he wins a game show and jasper and my favorite part was when captain man and kid danger fight crime and save the world it will be so cool if I was on the that episode and I will be fighting crime too so I can be with captain man and kid danger

Game shows are great and their prizes but every episode is good!

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? Back To The Danger

Drex is back and goes back - 100,000,000 years ago

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11 Dream Busters

This episode was hilarious

One of the funniest episodes made besides the invisible brad ones - cadespencer

Kid danger Are you okay


12 Too Much Game
13 The Beat Goes On
14 Henry and the Woodpeckers
15 Danger Games

If u love Dan Schneider’s still running shows, this ones for u!

16 Kid Grounded

Henry Wait I’m sneak out yes I can do make me Henry why me I’m grounded No Henry I’m Tell piper Hey piper your brother Henry groud me yes

17 Mouth Candy

Steal candy yes jasper please tell kid danger I hates jails

Kid danger and captain man Henry danger

18 One Henry, Three Girls
19 Love Muffin

Ray are you mad at Henry and Henry beat up Okay Ray

Diamonds rubies lift me tubies

20 I Know Your Secret

Henry don’t take my phone No let my phone charge let me sleep cloud Hey piper help me your brother Herny yes drop my phone let charge download yes watching video I’m texting

21 Hour of Power

Kid danger I’m so very sorry

22 Sick & Wired

Herny lie to me yes Herny are you lie to me

23 Toddler Invasion
24 The Space Rock
25 Super Volcano
26 Henry the Man-Beast
27 The Secret Gets Out
28 Man of the House
29 Elevator Kiss
30 Spoiler Alert
31 My Phony Valentine
32 Substitute Teacher

Without a doubt the best episode of the show with a very interesting concept.

33 Birthday Girl Down
34 Invisible Brad
35 Jasper's Real Girlfriend
36 Secret Beef
37 Danger Meets Thunder
38 Text Lies and Video

Henry come here yes Henry drop my phone kitchen sink I’m kill you Henry

39 A Fiñata Full of Death Bugs
40 Scream Machine

Kid danger and captain man

41 Danger and Thunder
42 Grave Danger
43 Opposite Universe
44 Captain Man on Vacation
45 Henry's Jelly
46 License to Fly

Are you kid danger and captain man

47 Gas or Fail
48 Diamonds Are for Heather

Heather steal diamond captain men and kid danger

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1. The Time Jerker
2. The Danger Begins
3. Jasper Danger
1. The Bucket Trap
2. Tears of the Jolly Beetle
3. Jasper Danger
1. Tears of the Jolly Beetle
2. Caved In
3. The Bucket Trap


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