Best Herbal Essences Shampoos

Herbal Essences always has the best fragrances. Their shampoos have worked so well for my hair, it's hard for me to want to use anything else! What's your favorite Herbal Essences shampoo?

The Top Ten

1 Hello Hydration Hello Hydration

This leaves my hair lightly moisturised and super shiny. Keep going back to it!

Coconut with a hint of orchid. I like using this scent during the summer time.

2 Color Me Happy Color Me Happy

Moroccan Rose. This scent is absolutely AMAZING! I LOVE this shampoo!

3 None of Your Frizziness None of Your Frizziness

WHY did they stop making this one!? Not only was this fragrance one of my all time favorites (Mandarin Cream and silk), but it really helped cut down on the frizz (which is great when you live in 100% humidity almost all year round! )

I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO! - TwilightKitsune

4 Long Term Relationship Long Term Relationship

Really helps to stave off split ends. Pomegranate scent.

5 Tousle Me Softly Tousle Me Softly

Hibiscus flowers!

6 Blowout Smooth Blowout Smooth

Makes your hair like silk! Lotus flower scent (whoa, is that why I always feel like I wanna take a nap when I use this shampoo? )

7 Moroccan My Shine Moroccan My Shine

Moroccan argan nut oil and fruity scent. Unusual fragrance and it really does bring out the shine in your hair.

8 Tea-Lightfully Clean Tea-Lightfully Clean

I love the names they give these shampoos. Smells of tea tree leaves.

9 Totally Twisted Totally Twisted

Mixed berries.

10 The Sleeker the Butter The Sleeker the Butter

Love this line! Why don't they make it anymore?

The scent (Cupuacu butter) is a bit much for me, and it's like dousing your hair in coconut butter. But it's still really nice.

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