Best Heroes In Castle Clash

This list describes the top HEROES in Castle Clash.

The Top Ten Best Heroes In Castle Clash

1 Pumpkin Duke

Celebrate is a unique ability as it can be stacked up. Best hero for storm Mesa. Ability is great at higher levels after 7/9.. Low health makes it difficult to survive without a healer. Great hero for arena as well.

I believe this hero fits its place. With a high celebrate he can destroy anything in his path. Also really good for most game modes. With the help of allies, battling is almost a joke. Though he his not the greatest a here be monsters, he is great help in everything else, from team here be monsters, to the lost battlefield. This is one hero that if you get your hands on, you wouiwouild surly become amazing.

Pumpkin Duke is the best hero in Castle Clash, his ability "Celebrate" is great at high levels, but it has a low health. It will be great if Pumpkin Duke has a high health.

Good with skill 7 and up... But he is monster with skill 9

2 Skull Knight

Skull knight is a very fast and strong fighter he is at level 80 for me right now and he can already kill heroes level 104! He is one of the heroes you must have in a raid!

Skull knight is sick. I have seen him in videos when he takes out whole arena teams and destroys absolutely everything in regular battles. With him you make a great team.

Super BEAST! Absolutely a treat to see him demolish everything in his way. 1 shots heroes 20 levels above him.

I think he is unstoppable unless the other has a high level aries

3 Ghoulem

With the right talents he is amazing!

14 your kidding right lol easy top 10 beats Druid for sure any and everyday.

I have him with war God talent and life drain crest nobody can Kill him.

Best tank, best healer, best stats, best skill.

4 Dread Drake

Dread drake brings the house down with him cannonballs flying at heroes. Excellent for arena, hard to get but easily makes up for it. Not in the top 6 heroes for the bases, but a good hero that should be placed in everything other than that.

I got Level 120 Dread Drake. He is very hard to kill. His Bombs are gonna destroy every troop in a base. Must be in The Top Ten. - TrishaCherreguine

High hit points and high damage. Very hard to kill.

He is a tank, fastest out there,level 5 revitalize and speedy energy recovery, stuns them for 1.5 sec. And negates 60 percent of damage taken. Has it all. Can shoot his bombs from across a map

5 Lady Leo
6 Grimfiend

He hits hard and fast and he has only ever gone down once in all of my raids with him!

He is an OP hero. He is born to kill skull knight

I have him and he is a BEAST

He is so strong

7 Anubis

He is a beast destroys teams single handily at level 140

Four lives, beat skull knight by himself

He's a god and a beast in battel

The best, the hero come back from the dead โ€œ3โ€ times. It had made its way on my team and never will make its way back off the team. When I rolled it I was very excited and I screamed

8 Michael

OP. Apparently buffers like Pumpkin Duke and spawners like Trixie Treat weren't enough so they combined the 2. A level 100 Michael DESTROYED my team with some higher heroes on the list like Harpy Queen, Orksbane, Cupid, and Druid.

His archangel 2shots sk, then 2shots him again after he revives. Hands down my favorite hero in the game.

With the arch angle that none can kill and almost instant kills is EPIC! I got him early on and easily got rich. I have only been able to lose a couple of games with him but overall if you have him you are guaranteed to be rich๐Ÿ˜œ

He is amazing K have him and his split is OP! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜Š

9 Vlad Dracula

Super hard to get. Well done to those who have him. He is a beast. Like the real Dracula he is scary.. He is a flying unit and cannot be stopped by walls. His skill is awesome with a wide range dealing damage to all in the way...

Vlad with life drain and revive is basically immortal, I have one with a talent life drain level,3/8 with revive crest, impossible to kill.

I have him level 100 and he is a beast his ability destroys most building with his bat with druid he is unstoppable

I have him level 116 which may not be a superior level but even with 3/10 blood banquet he makes a great hero for all game modes.

10 Trixie Treat

Trixie Treat is one of those few heroes that can wipe out full equal level bases with fair ease. Having a bulwark combined with the automatic war god makes her unstoppable when doing player v. player game modes. Overall, she is a very good hero in many game modes.


Trixie treat is an overpowered hero. Her proc is similar to dread drake, but without the stun. However, she more than makes up for it by her Pumpkies. They are OP with pumpkin duke, because they crit like crazy.

No one beats trixie in kill speed due to her triple attackers. Shielded by pumpkies and with energy reduction she is a bitch to kill. Decent range, put LD and scatter to on her snd she will rule the kingdom like a queen

The Newcomers

? Skeletica
? Rockno

I think he should be put in between #9-#7 meaning #8. He has fast speed. He also has the ability to turn into a Bull and charge at anything out there. To add a little extra, as he is a Bull. Whenever he runs he can destroy stuff that are next to him. He can have skill level 12. And once he is evolved. He is a real hero.

He is a boss and kind of related to sasquach except rocking in a building destroying type and sasquach is a killing type

My level 169 Rockno w/ 10/10 rhino rage skill and level 5 Vital noon talent DESTROYS enemy bases like nobodyโ€™s business. I can usually wipe out a base using him only.

The Contenders

11 Harpy Queen

Great overall I have her at level 100 and 2 levels of her ability. She is so good she procs every other time and sometimes kills heroes across the map from her ability, heroes at 80 under so at 200 she might kill a few 180 level heroes before she reaches them. She is amazing, and a must have!

Best power up

I have harpy queen she attacks in time three ways I like it so it's powerful it envolves so I like it

This hero amazing, defend,raids

12 Aries

Fabulous hero with low chances of getting rolled. Ranged attacks and hero targeting along with good stats makes it a very balanced character for base defense, offense and dungeons. Not very useful for storm Mesa.

His calamity skill can take out a skull knight and have it not revive

He can destroy all heroes in the base (depends on base type).

Aries is the best...!

13 Dracax

Heavy hitter moves freely hit him with the right spell and wipe out a village by himself!

14 Orksbane

Orksbane is one of the best tanks with currently the most health in the game, he is immune to stun which cripples champion, dracula, and minotaur. He then heals himself and allies, he's just great!

This hero can deal 100% damage to anything that is in front of him. This can be helpful, since he can wipe out hundreds of troops with a single skill.

I think he is pretty much indestructible, he doesn't get stunned and horror, forget it, if the Vlad can't get to him, he is pretty much going to be a tank. Also indestructible from its sick HP which if he had war god as a crest talent or a regular talent, he is one really good hero.

This hero is amazing. It has the least odds of being rolled. It has amazing combination of ridiculously high health and ability to heal.. He can single handedly destroy one, two or 3 heroes.

15 Druid

This guy is amazing. Heals 10 allies.. Has great stats and is easy to get..

Druid is a great hero, because he can heals 10 allies, troops or heroes. I have Pumpkin Duke with low health and with this guy on his side, Pumpkin will be safe.

Druid is really over powered. He can heal 10 different Hero's and him self.

Really? Definitely good but not 1st he can heal etc but really needs bodyguards because mine always gets killed early

16 Santa Boom

This recently added hero is a powerhouse. With ability that can destroy the entire base and tremendous stats, he is very useful for storm Mesa, arena, and base offense. Great for dungeons.

An unbelievable hero, not for its stats particularly, but when his fireworks get off, it makes it a dominate hero in the arena.

One of the first heros I got, had him for less than a day now and have him at level 40 already very good skill

Epic hero! Nice fireworks and great splash damage. Should be in top5

17 Cupid

Cupid provides massive help for all players of any ability and skill level as he provides amazing boosts and buffs. I myself don't have cupid but he is a legend to my friend for helping fight if you have him level him up as he is almost a must have

Very important hero. He would be a very good hero if he has good heroes on base with him or in other game modes. Important hero in the lost battlefield, especially up against a skull knight or the great pumpkin duke.

Great at buffing teammates can get up to 65% bonus damage and give 65 energy to teammates

Give me the love to castle clash

18 Minotaur Chieftain

Only placed in 2nd place because not many will have him. His skill is the best ever.. It can destroy 50 buildings at once.. Very expensive for most though..

This hero's skill is very powerful

He is very good and to amazing. He is worth the money.

Amazing hero a little slow but with berserk he is a beast

19 Moltanica

He is the least common hero as he can't be rolled or bought. He has the highest health and is really hard to kill. His skill is opposite of pumpkin Duke for enemies. If you get him, you are very lucky. Massively helpful for base defense. Less useful for arena and storm Mesa.

Moltanica is the best nobody can doubt that team it with death knight, santa boom, cupid pumpkin Duke and your unstoppable

This dragon is the strongest hero

ID. 123113353
I like moltanica... I love you.

20 Vlad
21 Beast Tamer

A good hero overall. Basically two heroes which makes it an important hero in the mesa dungeons.

He's to good to be on the game

I would rank him top 10

It's a beast

22 Pixie

Its powerful and it reduce power after killing anything!

She can counter Aries skill and at lv9 skill is much better

23 Demogorgon

Demo is a beast

24 Spirit Mage

This guy looks small and weak but is quite the opposite. Actually he is worth the money spent to acquire him. He can fly over walls and his skill at higher levels is devastating. You might have to inscribe him with tenacity as his low health needs him to be healed often.

I agree

25 Atlanticore

This guy is actually better than grizzly reaper and immhortep even though those are more expensive. His skill deflects damage to its source except from buildings. It can cause heroes to destroy themselves. He has very good health attack stats.

26 Phantom King

The phantom king should easily be in the top 5, from the fact that it can fight the pumpkin duke and win, chieftain minotaur and win, a skull knight and win, so it can fight any hero one on one, and still win. One video I watched a video that it went up against 3 heroes and those heroes went up against a phantom, and the phantom won even though the spell Ares fervor was deployed to try to kill him. Also with excellent dodge rate it takes a few hits to do damage against him. Would be #2 easy if he had 8/8 life drain and a crest talent revive. The phantom king is an absolutely sick hero!

I say he should be higher on the list. He really helps in arena to take energy away from the other heroes while doing damage.


Best shard legend
rolled him and he is awesome

27 Demogordon

He is basically invincible when evolved if you get him you are so lucky - aries26

A boss number 6 on my list

28 Death Knight

He is a awesome hero.He slashes down wall like ice. His meteor slash kills groups of heroes and when paired with duke,is a wall destroyer. Send him first to break up the walls and then other heroes. He has a revive so is alive after that. He is fabulous.

29 Arctica


30 Sasquatch

Has a great ability and when I want to have some fun I send just him into an entire base and usually he 3 stars because of his health and ability to freeze everything for 5 seconds. He also has no trouble getting his ability after using it.

Can make some heros not prock and can kill skletica which is a big thing!

31 Medusa

Wow, just wow, kills bases very very quickly

32 Ronin

Very good for destroying a whole base in just seconds this can replace mino if you don't have one

I love him so much he is my favorite hero so far and he is so good because he can destroy bases fast and he can turn invisible so that they can't see him๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜˜

33 Destroyer

Great but can only be bought

This is best hero no one votes for it cus most can't afford so they don't know him

34 Treantaur

He is an amazing hero and is amazing in a combo with chamion and candy kane

35 Lavanica

Basically a badge that symbolizes the money you spent on this game "a P2W must-have"

36 Warlock

Awesome hero!

I think he is great in a team.He can cause a lot of damage.P.S.He looks awesome!

37 Frost Witch

Under estimated and is useful for everything

38 Heartbreaker

Because she can kill you

39 Grizzly Reaper

With him any heroes aren't even a worry, he can easily take out heroes two times his level, I have taken out a much higher level Warlock paladin druid and more with just a level 100 grizzly reaper

Very good hero can beat a druid paladin ninja combo by itself

There's no death night

I have him Lv 72 and he's great with the warlock and immortep and Druid

40 Immortep

He is good because he is like Dracula but his ability is just not as good.

Immortep..I disagree it being number 23 best hero, lets say 16 or 17 his good too

He is great and amazing his ability isn't as good as dracula but it is still amazing and if you can aquire him level him up as he will get you so far into the game that vlad wont be needed I personally have him with harpy queen, thunder god, ninja and druid. Ninja does op damage and harpy queen procs so well kills enemies across the map. Thunder god procs dealing massive damage aoe like immortep. If you can get immortep and level him. Him and Vlad Dracula make a great pair!

41 Snowzilla

Snowzilla attacks multiple enimies

42 Succubus
43 Thunder God

Simply underrated I can destroy whole bases with just him

He is my favorite he is such a Beast he has my dogs name

He the best

number 6

44 Champion
45 Paladin

Paladin is awesome everyone needs him level 200 he's the bomb mines at level 197 and he's awesome got him with shards really cheap but awesome

His skin op, beside that he suck.


Yeah that's true paladin has been my knoght in shining armour since the start of the game. Now I spend a lot of money to double evolve him to the hero that I wanted him to. I'm upset because last night I fought this guy who has a level 20 atlanticore and my double evolved paladin died ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฐโšฐ๏ธ

46 Ninja

He is Ok but not that good his move is good

47 Siren

Lightning ability takes down 3 level 90+ heroes like nothing but 20,000shards is pricey unless you roll her with gems

48 Executioner
49 Serpent Queen
50 Dryad

Great with boss battles with stunning however she is weak and slow but her health makes up for it

Shucks shes good

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