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21 Thunder God

Simply underrated I can destroy whole bases with just him

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22 Trixie Treat

Trixie Treat is one of those few heroes that can wipe out full equal level bases with fair ease. Having a bulwark combined with the automatic war god makes her unstoppable when doing player v. player game modes. Overall, she is a very good hero in many game modes.


Trixie treat is an overpowered hero. Her proc is similar to dread drake, but without the stun. However, she more than makes up for it by her Pumpkies. They are OP with pumpkin duke, because they crit like crazy.

23 Phantom King

The phantom king should easily be in the top 5, from the fact that it can fight the pumpkin duke and win, chieftain minotaur and win, a skull knight and win, so it can fight any hero one on one, and still win. One video I watched a video that it went up against 3 heroes and those heroes went up against a phantom, and the phantom won even though the spell Ares fervor was deployed to try to kill him. Also with excellent dodge rate it takes a few hits to do damage against him. Would be #2 easy if he had 8/8 life drain and a crest talent revive. The phantom king is an absolutely sick hero!

I say he should be higher on the list. He really helps in arena to take energy away from the other heroes while doing damage.

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24 Paladin

His skin op, beside that he suck.

Yeah that's true paladin has been my knoght in shining armour since the start of the game. Now I spend a lot of money to double evolve him to the hero that I wanted him to. I'm upset because last night I fought this guy who has a level 20 atlanticore and my double evolved paladin died 😩😰⚰️

25 Death Knight

He is a awesome hero.He slashes down wall like ice. His meteor slash kills groups of heroes and when paired with duke,is a wall destroyer. Send him first to break up the walls and then other heroes. He has a revive so is alive after that. He is fabulous.

26 Immortep

He is good because he is like Dracula but his ability is just not as good.

He is great and amazing his ability isn't as good as dracula but it is still amazing and if you can aquire him level him up as he will get you so far into the game that vlad wont be needed I personally have him with harpy queen, thunder god, ninja and druid. Ninja does op damage and harpy queen procs so well kills enemies across the map. Thunder god procs dealing massive damage aoe like immortep. If you can get immortep and level him. Him and Vlad Dracula make a great pair!

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28 Demogorgon
29 Arctica
30 Medusa

Wow, just wow, kills bases very very quickly

31 Snowzilla
32 Champion
33 Grizzly Reaper

With him any heroes aren't even a worry, he can easily take out heroes two times his level, I have taken out a much higher level Warlock paladin druid and more with just a level 100 grizzly reaper

Very good hero can beat a druid paladin ninja combo by itself

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34 Siren
35 Destroyer

This is best hero no one votes for it cus most can't afford so they don't know him

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36 Succubus
37 Warlock

I think he is great in a team.He can cause a lot of damage.P.S.He looks awesome!

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38 Frost Witch

Under estimated and is useful for everything

39 Ninja
40 Dryad

Shucks shes good

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