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1 Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Throughout everything, no matter what. Percy will always be #1. Why do you think Riordan gives him a perspective in every book he's in?

Percy has a certain way of pulling people in and keeping them there for the ride. He has inspired me in many ways. Through out this series and the Percy Jackson series he has made the books very enjoyable.

Percy is pretty cool because he's really silly but he's still the ultimate hero. But he's just as good as the others, so just because he's the main character in the first series he gets way too much credit. Not saying he isn't awesome but the other characters are awesome too!

Let me just say Percy is the best and will always be the best in my opinion. He is brave, kind, humorous but he has some flaws just like evryone else. He was the reason the heroes of olympus book was made. #Percyfan

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2 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez

Let's be honest... most people ( not all, so please don't get mad) kept reading the Lost Hero... Because of Leo. Don't get me wrong I love all the characters but all the other characters spend too much time talking about their love life two of the couples depend on each other WAY too much. Leo... Well Leo didn't have a girlfriend ( until maybe the very last book) so what's the point of exagerating his love life. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Leo is the best of you ask me! I don't know why, maybe because he reminds me of myself but I don't know. He doesn't get a girlfriend till the last book so I feel like he is more relative to people because not everyone has a girl or boyfriend. I love how he is always making jokes, he is just so amazing. Go team Leo!

Leo is the best character by far, I love all of them but Leo is my favourite for sure! He's had a lot of hardship in his life, and he's seen as the seventh wheel, but he's still so happy all the time and the joker of the group, he always makes me smile. He doesn't complain about anything and he's always so happy, he keeps a smile on his face even when everything goes wrong for him. I love Leo so much, and he deserves the best, I'm so glad he found Calypso.

Dude Leo deserves first place because he's the best character because he's funny and nice and he's got the worst story with losing his mom and he totally deserves Calypso so yeah

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3 Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan.He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trails of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

I simply love Nico. He is so full of emotions, pain, sorrow, and, despite this, he is an important presence for the Seven with his powers and his love too throughout the whole series. He can fight everything and he always exits from every single battle - with monster or with feelings - a little bit weakened, a little bit more broken, but still there, with his grin, his tears and a lot of problems he never asked for but anyway has to deal with. Besides, even if I didn't know him, I would love him only for saying that "those who are heartless, once cared too much". A sentence which means a lot to me. If I were a character in any book, I would probably have the way of thinking of Annabeth - curious, smart, a bit brave too - but totally the heart of Nico.

Dude in the first series I thought he was an interesting/complex character, one of my faves, and then Heroes of Olympus came along and added like 5 new dimensions to him and all of a sudden I'm like Nico you are so cool. So dark and confused and depressed, but so cool.

Nico is probably the strongest character (emotionally) in the entire Heroes of Olympus series. He comes from the 1940's, and is homosexual, which could prove to be quite potentially problematic at that time. So he's been brought up, learning that his secret should never be revealed. Then, in third book in the Percy Jackson series, his sister, and only friend and confidante, Bianca, joins the Hinters of Artemis and dies. He also had a crush on Percy, who started dating Annabeth in The Last Olympian. Because of his dark and mysterious nature, and being the son of Hades, he is often shunned by his fellow demigods, as he supposedly creeps them out a lot with his 'Death Boy' powers. Then, he goes to Tartarus alone, almost escapes alive, gets captured by giants, and is about five minutes away from dying when he is rescued by the only few people who actually sort of care for him, and that's only because of his half-sister Hazel. After that, he is forced to confess his homosexuality to Cupid ...more

Nico di angelo is bae... he has so many different awesome unique personalities that define him altogether... first he is a hyper 10 yr old, then he becomes distant and scary and unpredictable, then... it goes on... he is by far the BEST character Rick has ever made! true... I don't find his gay personality all that good... I mean he was thousand times better left off in the dark and independent and so col! I just love love love nico and I seriously think he deserves more nico-time in the books! ^w^

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4 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase

Annabeth is such a strong character. All the rest of the seven have supernatural abilities (e.g. flying, charmspeak, shapeshifting) whereas she only has her brains. Yet I feel she is the strongest out of all of them because she uses common sense and logic to win battles, and she outsmarts the enemy rather than beating them in a battle of physical strength. For this she can be underestimated, but she always manages to come out on top. Annabeth is a highly determined and ambitious character, and she will stop at nothing to reach a goal and get what she wants. She has had a hard time trusting people at times (which is probably due to her past relationships with her family and with Luke) and often prefers to work independently. I think for this she is misunderstood by people such as Leo, who find her intimidating and stand-offish. But Annabeth feels she has to do everything herself, for fear if she allows someone else to carry out a task that they will get hurt or won't carry it out as ...more

Annabeth is tough, witty, clever and brave. She's pretty but doesn't flaunt it. She isn't there just to be Percy's love interest either. Annabeth has her share of flaws and definitely isn't perfect. She's always been a role model to me

She is a great overall character. Having already met her in an earlier series, her character can be given more layers. Athena is my favorite Greek god so Annabeth has to be equally cool.

Annabeth for the win

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5 Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano

Reyna is my favourite female character (fave male is leo, of course! ). She is so tough and has been refused 2 times, but she still doesn't lose hope and keeps fighting. She has always been a role model to me (even though an imaginary one). She is amazing at fighting in battles, unlike other girls, who just wait for the men to save them. Reyna is such an amazing character, she deserved a lot more than she got

Having felt betrayed by Jason, refused by Percy, and leading the camp all by herself for so long, Reyna lost hope that anything could go right for her and felt completely alone. Outwardly, she still projects the image of a confident, fearless leader; internally, she is tired and weary. JUST FEEL YOU FEELS GUYS!

Reyna was strong throughout the entire series. She didn't give up when Jason left her or when Percy refused her, she continued to be determined. I think Jason made a huge mistake when he left her for Piper. Sure Piper is pretty but so is Reyna, not only that Reyna is independent and strong. Piper is just this girl who thinks that Jason is the world(Percy is the better) and is totally dependent on him. She's like a pretty princess waiting for her prince charming but otherwise useless.

I love Reyna not only because of her bravery, it's that she was a lonely praetor at the time, she has a vary serious character and her bonding with Nico because we can see her soft side. (If you want to be Nico's friend that's probably one of the hardest things to do ) [I LOVE NICO don't get me wrong] I want to know more about her. She seems like a very interesting character.

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6 Hazel Levesque

I never understood why people don't like her. She's amazing! She came back from the dead after SEVENTY YEARS. She was bullied and was rescued by Leo's great- grandfather, she had to move away from the one person who actually loved her, after she comes back she runs into a descendant of her old boyfriend but is still an awesome fighter! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Hazel is amazing! She knows how to be a true friend.

Hazel should be at the top! She spent SEVENTY years in the Underworld. She deserves it!

Shes amazing in the house of hades!

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7 Jason Grace

Jason is a horrible character. He's a complete copy of Percy except he has no personality.

Percy Jackson shown more worth in battle than Jason, so screw you the person who called Percy a bastard

I don't know why I like Jason but I think I'm really like Jason in real life. I never break rules and I doubt myself. I agree with the fact that people don't like him because they think he replaced Percy (Who's also cool) but Jason is his own character.

I like him, but he is a bit too much like Percy, and he seems tooo perfect. I like Leo. Leo has his flaws, but he is still an epic hero.

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8 Frank Zhang

Come on. Frank does NOT get enough credit. He connects to a lot of people because he has so many flaws, and yet he's still a hero. And he definitely proves his heroism by saving everyone SO MANY TIMES. He is an ultimate shapeshifter AND a son of Mars. Frank is awesome.

He's so relatable. He's got so many insecurities, but he still moves on and that's inspirational to me. I really love his character and he's pretty amazing with all the powers and abilities he has!

Frank is one of my favorite characters because he is so much like me! Plus he's saved everyone a bunch of times! He even got the blessing of Mars twice! How cool is that!?!

I hate frank because he's to op

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9 Piper McLean Piper McLean

To be honest she really does a lot, she is just not portrayed as a badass, so people don't take her as seriously as she deserves. She stopped so many battles within the groups and outside. It's important to know that she takes care of the gangs emotional state, as well as helping them kill the enemies. She is a daughter of beauty, but is also super smart. This is unique and unpredictable. Anna Beth is smart because she is the daughter of Athena. Piper goes against those odds of being a typical daughter of Aphrodite and is clever and down to earth. She is also the only reason Leo stayed at wilderness and didn't run away, its because he found a sister.he found family after a long time of being alone. She also risked her own life to save nico, who she didn't even know at that point.

Piper does have her own character and she sure is strong in her own way but, the way she lives on the idea that Jason is better than Percy, she sucks, man! Still, I suppose I'd have done the same thing with my boyfriend!

That's just rude she's important too and if anyone should be at the bottom it should be Jason

Piper is the best because she is tough and unlike her sisters and brothers. She is not just a pretty face but she stabbed phione and put Gaia to sleep pretty much all by herself. If you ask me annabeth and hazel are WAY overrated

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10 Bob

Bob is cool and awesome! It was sad that he sacrificed himself.

He should be number 2, after Leo.

Bob is better than you.

He's awesome

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? Arion

He is just an amazing horse

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11 Calypso

Calypso is pretty cool! She is strong and lovable.

She Looks Like Me. She Acts Like Me. She is Awesome. I Have Made My Point. - Dancinggirl122

I LOVE CALYPSO SHE IS AWESOME! Plus when leo crashed you see not only her stupid princessy damsel in destress but her cool iwillpunchyouintheface side! GO CALYPSO

12 Will Solace

Will is very caring

To the other comment, why did you say 'i don't like the people in the fandom that make him gay and like nico'

but he is gay what are you talking about - pjo

My friends and I were shipping each other with PJ HoO characters and I got shipped with Will. I love Will, and I don't like the people in the fandom that make him gay and like Nico.

13 Small Bob

Small Bob is awesome. I love Bob too of course but Small Bob that little bit more

I LOVE SMALL BOB! Up top with Leo, Hazel, Reyna and Frank for the best new character (i hate Jason and Piper)

He is a good character

Best cat ever! Small Bob and Festus are the best.

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14 Festus

OH MY GOD! I love metal fire breathing dragons repaired by my favorite human in hoo. Festus is just amazing.

Doesn't an awesome Bronze Dragon count as a character?

Fetus is pretty cool


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15 Tyson

Percy's brother and a Cyclops he is AWESOME

Tyson is so cool. He is a little clueless but I love him

Tyson is caring and loveable.

so cute!

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16 Mrs. O'Leary

She is friendly and awesome. I know I want her as my pet.

How dare you! Ms.O'Leary is absolutely cool! Really,a friendly hellhound? That's just so COOL!

Lol pol she just sucks to the core of the universe

I she was my pet

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17 Gleeson Hedge

He technically counts as a main character, since he is there almost as often. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Hedge is full of spirit and has a funny violent personality

He's awesome! Hilarious! Why isn't he higher?!


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18 Chiron

Chiron is strong and brave and knows what words to choose.

I LOVE CHIRON (I don't like Charon)

He is a strong brave and always knows the right words to say.

Probably the nicest dude ever if I had him as a teacher irl I would be so happy not just because I may be a demigod :D, He is just so nice lol

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19 Damasen

Why is all the way down here? He is a really big hero

Damasen stood up to his father and that's no small feat

Damasen is brave to stand up to the wrath of his father.


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20 Blackjack

Why is this dude so low he's like the best horse/flying horse anyone could ever have :D

Blackjack is the best thing ever, he is hilarious and caring, he should be above jason

Oh Yeah! Anyone who thinks that Blackjack is not Awesome is Dead!

Blackjack is the best flying horse ever. He is caring and funny.

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