Leo Valdez

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Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).


Leo is the best character by far, I love all of them but Leo is my favourite for sure! He's had a lot of hardship in his life, and he's seen as the seventh wheel, but he's still so happy all the time and the joker of the group, he always makes me smile. He doesn't complain about anything and he's always so happy, he keeps a smile on his face even when everything goes wrong for him. I love Leo so much, and he deserves the best, I'm so glad he found Calypso.

In my opinion all of the seven heroes suffer, but none more then Leo. Everyone else has a boyfriend/girlfriend and Leo has no-one except Calypso, who is trapped on an island (until the end of the last book) that is literally in the middle of nowhere. Leo's mom died, the rest of his family thought he killed her, he's better with machines than humans - and he ends up sacrificing his own life, knowing he might not come back. Just wow.

Leo is my favorite hero by far. Maybe because he's more similar to me than other heroes?
-Always the misfit, or the seventh wheel, as Nemesis put it
-The joker of the group, because otherwise he won't have any presence among his friends, who are all couples. (Except Nico, who always keeps to himself)
-The Engineer, who understands machines more than he understands humans.
I can understand that. So glad that he finally found Calypso at the end.

Everyone let's get this straight, I'm not saying Percy is bad and stuff. just read this whole thing and I hope I change your mind. Leo lost his mother when he was small, so he has some sad feeling withing himself. Leo does not have a girlfriend.(not until the very last book ) so not much sappy relationship. Leo has fire powers which is awesome and dangerous. Leo takes every blame on himself and he keeps humor as his key to be happy. You would not find anyone else this brave as Leo Valdez.

I love his interesting background story. I mean he lost his mom and he blames himself and doesn't use his powers for years-he kind of sounds like Elsa- and when he does finally decide to use his fire ability he hides it until he has know choice.

Leo valdez is my favorite character! He reminds me so much of myself, he doesn't spend his time boasting around (not that the other charaters do, but you know, people like jason and percy get WAY to much credit), he has an amazing sense of humour (at least it's amazing to me) and he is so cool with the machine stuff and all. He is immune to fire, and fabulous! But still, he is regarded as a not-so-important-character, just because he is a son of Hephaestus, and not a son of some main gods like zeus and all. If the characters of heroes of olympus were real, I would love to date Leo!

Leo is a great character! He is funny, sarcastic and slightly annoying-but in a great way. He's different to the others, but that just makes his whole story a whole lot more interesting. He adds humour to the series and is definitely my favourite character by far. What's not to like about him?

Like any other, I hate to admit that I have an inner angsty teen within myself. From being depressed, an outsider, and showing a smile to hide the pain; I have always seen myself in Leo. In short you can call him relatable, but I think he deserves more words than that. Leo Valdez had snuck his way into my heart in a place that he is regarded as one of my favourite characters in ALL of the books I have ever read. Quite the lady killer, (read repair boy) if I do say so myself.

I love Leo's background story. It is by far the saddest in the series. I mean, Jason's past wasn't too bad. Piper's was a little selfish to me. Nico's is in third place. Hazel's is in second. Don't even get me started on Frank. Some people's mothers die.

Leo is like the funniest in the group he has that sarcastic gesture that I like. I like him when he his telling the story really! Percy might be the hero but Leo is my personal favorite. Fire Awesome and he has that crazy face!

All the other characters are just so serious but because of Leo he made me read the whole series like a billion times and made me fall in love with him so now at school I'm called the crazy girl who loves that guy in a book

He is extremely funny and sarcastic! Leo knows how to make the best of everything and he can still find a way to be upbeat even though he has had a hard past.

I love leo he is always the one to brighten the mood and make others smile in any situation. One of the reasons I like leo so much is because he puts aside his feelings and his troubles to help others.

I like Leo. Sometimes I wish I was daughter of Athena just so that I could go to camp and see him. Maybe he could make me a flying boat too. I also like Jason for some reason.

Let's face it, Leo is just plain awesome.

Leo is Leo. He's so awesome he gets his own definition.

He is so awesome that when you look up "awesome" on Wikipedia you'll find a picture of him!

Sorry couldn't help it. That was a Mark of Athena reference by the way. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Leo is obviously the best character! He's funny, and noble and reminds me of myself. I really liked his character arcs in every single book. Plus lets remember that the world fell to fire!

Leo is just well... Awesome. You CANNOT deny you have read The Lost Hero solely because of him. I guess the reason I think he's so cool is because, 1. He is a sarcastic and funny person like me, 2. He understands machines like me, and 3. He is'nt a romantic couple person, he doesn't have a girlfriend and he has a complicated past. I also think the way he is the 7th wheel like Nemesis said is also why he is kinda like me, since all my so called "friends" don't really include many things with me. Leo is the best hero in this intire series... Suck it Percy Jerkson (sorry I had to say that so don't get mad at me please) Leo is best.

He's really cool and also is very powerful too. I mean Percy is too but Leo Valdez is a little cooler. And I think the main reason why I was able to survive The Lost Hero is because of Leo.

Dude Leo deserves first place because he's the best character because he's funny and nice and he's got the worst story with losing his mom and he totally deserves Calypso so yeah

IF YOU DO NOT PICK HIM... then you got problems. What is not to love. He suffers a hard past and is SO funny and good looking.

Leo is better then Jason or piper because he is not overly beautiful or popular, and he is the hero in the end, and he gets the best girl.

In my opinion I think Leo is the best because he is the one who faces the extreme of every feeling. for example he doesn't have a family, another thing is that he looses almost everything he owns. I say Leo is mature than any other character in the whole series.

I am for sure on team leo, he is funny has a complex past and secrets that none of the seven know about him, he is on the inside is just as worried, scared, and beautiful as all the others. Leo is always the one to brighten up everyone's day and bring a smile to everyone's face. Also I ship Caleo so much because leo always likes the girls that are way to pretty and awesome for him, and he can never have them, calypso always likes the guys who can't stay so they are really a perfect match. In short Iive for Caleo and think repair boy is the best person ever.

Leo is the best fictional character EVER! I can't even describe ABSOLUTELY AWESOME he is.

Where do I start? Leo is HILARIOUS! He has sarcastic humor and plays meschevious pranks on people. But he is smart and knows when to stop. He is also a misfit, and has had a troubled past. On top of all that, he ended up defeating Gaea. Oh, and he also rescued Calypso from her island prison. Team Leo all the way!