Best Heroes In Vainglory


The Top Ten

1 Saw

Shank though

2 Krul

So much life steal

PvP champion

3 Taka

He destroys enemies in a few seconds

Best assassin ever

4 Ringo

Ringo can also take the kill!

So good at poking

5 Skaarf

In 1.4, his Fan of Flames passive is very powerful, increasing your Spitfire's burn with every auto attack. Combine this with his Crystal Power and you have a very deadly dragon. He will get nerfed, but a great hero at this time.

So cute. Abilitys can stack. Just great at offense

6 Adagio

More than just supporter, in higher elo he's just OP if you know how to play him!

7 Koshka

Assassin in every way!

Koshka Is The Best

She is melee and she has stunning ultimate as well as she is very filimiar

8 Catherine
9 Petal

Petal is awesome!

Really good when use CP Petal. Her basic attacks won’t really deal anything, but her munions would destroy everything. Plus, her ultimate is what wins the match when it comes to team fights.

10 Blackfeather

High defense from his barriers and fortified health, crowd control, his heartthrob gives him one of the highest damage of any melee hero and his A execution will sweep you of your feet

So slippery gap closing chase downer

The Newcomers

? Inara

The Contenders

11 Glaive

Glaive is an excellent hero who is also very versatile...

Glaive is best of the best

Deals so much dmg in late game, should be top 3 in this list

12 Vox

Quite good but I don't know hiw to use resonance

Love it

13 Fortress

My favorite captain

14 Kestrel
15 Flicker

Hide the whole team, ambush.

An adorable monster


16 Phinn
17 Idris
18 Varya

Stronger than most heroes

19 Reza

Fast kill

20 Ozo

King of kills

21 Rona
22 Lorelei
23 Tony

Op 1 on 1

24 Joule
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