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1 Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

OF COURSE Percy is the most heroic! He is really noble to his friend, but he never gives up his quests. He is really funny, and always make me happy just thinking about him. He cares about people near him, and when he had cure of his amnesia(Frank and Percy both thought it could be a cure for his memory at that time) but he resisted because he thought there will be a battle, and someone might need it more than he does. He is really great!

Percy is corky, sass, He has THE BEST one liner ever, but his fatal flaw is he will do anything for his friends. That is bravery. He got his memories wiped for the greater good of humanity. Percy is almost always about to die. Plus don't you think it takes bravery to fight Luke with a monster bug that will kill you in sixty second. Need I remind you he got stung be that. Oh by the way the one liner I mentioned before, my personal favorite, "I shook my head. "I'm a lot of things but I'm not a thief"

Percy is awesome. He's really funny and he makes me laugh all the time. He also has big flaws, which is good in a character. For example, Jason is mentioned as perfect in the Lost Hero more than once, and you can see how much people like him... (cough, no, cough). If Percy Jackson didn't exist, the series might not be so worth reading.

You guessed it, percy Jackson is the bravest hero, as nico do angelo said. Thousand times better that Harry potter. Percy Jackson cares for his friends and saves the world not because he wants to be immortal. He saves the world because he cares about it and his friends

2 Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

He got himself killed. That is pretty brave. I probably would have ranked him second instead of third, except for the fact that in the prophecy he was pretty much fated to die, and like Hades said, some death aren’t meant to be prevented. Then he goes back to Calypso!

Ok, Leo is the bravest. No offense to Percy lovers, but Percy is only 2% the bravery of Leo. Leo faced DEATH. Percy could never do half the things Leo did, while I feel like Leo could do almost all the things Percy did. It is one thing to be brave to your enemies, like Percy, but the bravest thing to do is be brave to your friends, like when Leo told Piper and Jason to leave him on the Argo 2. He knew they probably wouldn't let him, but it was his job. He had to, so he forced Piper and Jason to leave him. That is true bravery.

Leo was WAY braver than Mr. Sneaky Jackson. If Percy worked on a war ship for six months everyday nonstop (sometimes he would even get become sick from the lack of sleep) AND alone without Annabeth by his side, then dared to save his friends' lives but almost destroying the whole ship you spent a half a year on! Then have a pet dragon you spent a long time with. It was almost as if losing a dog for your friends. And THEN sacrifice yourself for the world's safety. Percy only risked his life saving Olympus from falling, (thus the Titans may sven let the humans live)but Leo saved the whole world from being destroyed by Gaea. He was the true hero, and he should be number one because of this.

Percy shouldn't be first. Maybe third, but not first. Leo should be first, then maybe Hazel, THEN Percy. Leo is so brave! Without Leo, no giants could ever have been defeated. Why? The argo 2 would never have been built! Leo is the best and the bravest.

3 Hazel

She sacrificed herself TWICE. She got herself killed to stop Alcyoneus fro rising, then she gave up ELysium for her mother. Who could be braver than her?!

She sacrificed herself.She gave elysium so her mom wouldn’t go to the punishment field. If that’s not bravery I don’t know what is. MAKE HER NUMBER ONE!

Hazel sacrificed herself TWICE just so others wouldn't suffer. First, she sacrificed her life. Then, she GAVE UP ELSYIUM just so her mother (who wasn't that nice to her in the first place) wouldn't suffer. And that was all before the Heroes of Olympus series even started.

Finally Hazel is recognised.

4 Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

How is Nico di Angelo below Percy Jackson? Nico went through so much. His depression after losing his sister. His anxiety. The nightmares that plagued him after Tartarus. (He went through Tartarus alone, Percy had Annabeth). His discrimination because he is the son of Hades. His fear of coming out because he was born in an era where homosexuals were prosecuted. Not only is he mentally strong but he's also physically strong. This kid could raise armies of skeletons and travel around the country using shadows when he was twelve, that's the age Percy found out he was a demigod. And how can he be below Annabeth? All she does is stick to Percy. Yes brains are better than strength but I felt she was to clingy to Percy. I like Hazel but I feel that Nico is stronger than her. Leo is one of my favorite characters too and he went through some sad stuff in his past but Nico still beats him. None of these characters are as inspirational to me as Nico. I connected with him. My past is quite ...more

Nico literally persuaded his DAD, the dad that literally can kill u so easily, into helping the Olympians. He also helped Percy escape!

He always is misunderstood but has always been the bravest there is. He changed hades mind so hades would help even though he knew his father would probably kill him. He has not saved many people because he never gets a chance.

Nico went through so much and in the last of The Battle of the Labyrinth Percy wonders if he had ever had a birthday party and that is so sad... Also he did a lot of things alone and I think he is the bravest.

5 Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Annabeth is the best character! If it wasn't for her Percy would already be DEAD. She's so smart. She could probably find the most sophisticated ways of explaining things. She's the bravest! How come she's rated so low!?

Annabeth is really brave, you know. She went out of the house when she was seven, and survived! Annabeth-throwing-hammer-part was really cool.

She is the reason why Percy is a hero. All those years she has been helping Percy in his battles. She also through herself in front of a poisoned knife for him.

Annabeth chase is probably the only person that can keep a guy like percy in control. With her sad past and great role in the percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus series she definitely deserves 2nd place

6 Reyna

She literally got blessed by Athena/Minerva, earning a legendary (LEGENDARY) cape, single-handedly led the entire camp to war, plus she actually put up with a certain screeching-chicken-on-fire called Octavian for a long time, every guy she liked left her, but she never had any hard feelings.

WHY is she ranked so low?! She is brought up with romans who are like absolutely not rule-breakers, yet she risked her praetorship to go bring the Athen Parthenon to CHB.

Reyna had sacrificed so much on the HOPE to save booth camps! Her life has been terrible! She has been cursed by the love goddess, she had to kill her own pegasus to put it out of misery, and she also can feel others pain. Think, she leads a lot of people and she feels ALL of their pain! Read the Blood of Olympus for more of her suffering! 😐

She sacrificed so much and she is so brave to face her past again

7 Thalia Grace

Thalia was brave enough to sacrifice herself to save her friends. She was brave enough to turn down power. She was brave enough to kick her former friend's ass. She was brave enough to take a pillar for her friends. She was brave enough to drive a sun bus into a lake. She was brave enough to ask her father for help. She was brave enough to talk about cheeseburgers in the middle of a war. She was brave enough to talk with a knife to her throat. She was brave enough to take a stand and say that she didn't want to live like a hunted animal. She was brave enough to fight countless monsters. She was brave enough to stand up to 4 goddesses. So what if she's afraid of heights? She should be at least number three

Thalia was proclaimed by both Atlas, a TITAN, and Grover, a satyr with magical half blood sensing abilities, to be, alongside Percy, the greatest hero of the age, and the most powerful demigod. Just saying...

She sacrificed herself for her friends, refused to turn against Olympus even though she was surrounded by temptation, and then saved Annabeth and Percy by taking a falling statue. She beat Luke in sword fighting. Enough said.

she wasnt seen in this series I'm pretty sur eor I just don't renember her but she was pretty dang heroic saving luke annabeth AND grovers life there would be no percy at CHB without her

8 Frank Zhang

he sacrificed himself for new rome(or would have if his life was tied to the firewood) he tried to destroy the greatest threat.

Frank is awesome

9 Luke

he was the whole reason they werent living under titan rule he is probaly the most heroic person I know in the series he knew he probaly would get fields of punishment and wouldn't get revived but he sacrficed himself to stop cronus

Luke deserves to be drastically higher on this list than he is. His ordeal was probably one of the hardest in the entire damn series!

He should be #1! He was the final tipping point to stop Kronos!

He GOT HIMSELF KILLED to save the world. Brave man there.

10 Jason

HE SHOULD BE SECOND. Percy should be first. I LOVE LEO, but he only sacrificed himself because he had the Physician's cure. Percy and Jason would willingly sacrifice themselves any day. But come on guys. Jason DIED to save Piper, Apollo, and Meg's lives. Even though Piper broke up with him, he was still ready to fight Caligula for her. Some people don't like him just because he was serious, but he was raised by Lupa, and by Camp Jupiter, which was basically a military camp. Can you blame him for being serious? Also, what's wrong with being serious? Leo and Percy already make
enough jokes for the entire crew of the Argo II. We don't need another Percy or another Leo. I don't see what's so bad about Jason. He is a hero, a leader, a friend, and so much more. He is my fourth favorite character, and needs to be higher than 11th. And Hazel as third? Really? I love Hazel, but she is the least heroic out of the seven in my opinion. Also, Nico should be lower. He's a great character, but ...more

Okay let's talk about Jason. Personally He should be 2. I mean yeah percy is 1 but if you think that leo valdez deserves to be two you are messed up I mean leo is just some smart person and jason fought three giants in 2 days I really think Jason should be 2

Jason can control the weather if he wants too, and he survived an Imperial Gold wound.

Jason should be #2. I don't like Percy, but even I have to admit he is #1

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11 Zoe Nightshade

She went on a quest even though she was sure that she was going to die. She was truly brave and so underrated.

She took a risk by waking up Ladon, who gave her the wound. She also charged into battle even though she was already wounded.

Zoe is amazing! She deserves to be higher

For Zoe ):

12 Grover Underwood

OK, he isn't the bravest, but Grover is brave! He was undercover in the cyclops den, He led 3 demigods who were trailed by monsters to camp half-blood, he faced his fear and went into the labyrinth, THEN faced them again with Tyson.

He went underground even though he was scared. He walked by something he was scared of alone. He’s brave alright

13 Bianca Di Angelo

She took a risk by getting the Hades figurine for her brother, even though it was a dumb risk, she still did it. And she sacrificed herself to stop the machines thing.

In my mind, extremely brave. Nina a sacrificed herself and looked after Nico when Norine else was there.

She saved everybody.

she died not wanting anyone else to die in the desssert

14 Tyson

You bet! It's amazing that he's so brave when in Cyclops terms, he's just a baby!

15 Piper

Swordplay isn't the only weapon. She can literally command people have to do and they have to obey. Plus she did learn how to use a sword. And she may have suffered the least, but she WAS neglected by her dad. It's not her fault, and I have no idea why people blame her for being born into a almost decent family.

She sucks. We don't need too hear how pretty she is every other page! And charmspeak? Come on, she herself admitted she couldn even pick up a sword much less use it! You can relate to every other PIO or HoO charcter but piper? no. She is so whiny and is a brat. she is probably also a vsco girl. She appartenly is braver than Annabeth which isn´t true! she wasnt even neglected by her dad, he just didn't have the time, and also she was rich! She also stole stuff to get attension? No that goes on you permenant record and now your being a bad daughter and worrying your father. he tries to spend time with piper but it isn't enough for her. she got everything she wanted and she has no right to be whiny! Piper sucks and should have died instead of Jason. How bout she feels what percy felt when he was poor and had an abusive stepfather. or how annabeths own father didn care about her and had a wicked stepmother. Or how bout being used by your own mother like Hazel, not to mention being ...more

What do u mean when u say that she did nothing? Jason did nothing. She saves the whole group every time there were witches or other people with persuasion powers (which now that I see were quite a lot)

The forced, least heroic of the seven. She has suffered the least. Remember this in the end was written and none of it happened. Each scene she featured was agonizingly forced into being.

16 Jasmine She is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 31st animated feature film Aladdin (1992).

I remember this sitting at the bottom of this tier list over a year ago. Now it's in 15th and climbing fast. Good job idiots.

What the heck is she doing here with a fancy disney picture?
And why in the world is she 15?

Oh yes totally, one of the bravest maybe ever more the Percy

I love jasmine but she is not a Percy Jackson character.

17 Ethan Nakamura

I'm sorry, but only Ethan and Percy dared to attack someone protected by the mark of Achilles.

He sacrificed an eye, and himself for the minor gods, there’s nothing braver than tthat.

he wanted to change the world and when it came to it he was brave enough to defy the lord of time

18 Sally Jackson

Dude, she risked her life on SEVERAL occasions just to make sure that Percy was OK. Definitely one of the most underrated characters in the book.

19 Charles Beckendorf

He knew he had no chance of surviving the explosion, yet he still activated it to try stop Kronos.

20 Magnus Chase
21 Clarisse La Rue

She is so brave and heroic. Just try to argue.

22 Artemis

She’s a hunting goddess! #Brave

23 Rachel Elisabeth Dare

Being a mortal, she is VERY brave.

24 Meg McCaffrey

She is a hero

25 Octavian

Come on, he literally DIED for New Rome.
Not intentionally, sure, but still.

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