Best Hetalia Blogs On Tumblr

There are many many Hetalia blogs. Some of them are new but promising. Some of them have been around since the beginning but have stopped updating. Others are active and big. Vote for your favorite.

The Top Ten


It's hilarious to read through all the posts. The characters are even kept in character properly (somehow)

I can't get over the one where Norway asks Denmark to get him tampons


It's where you go to keep updated


It's new and may not have much content but it looks like with a few submissions it could blossom into something really great.


It's hilarious and totally crack


It's a great place to rant about what bothers you in the Hetalia fandom


Sometime you think Hetalia can't possibly get any funnier... Then this blog proves you wrong


It hasn't updated for three years but, hey, it's fun to just browse through the headcanons


It's a pretty cute blog and it still updates. Lot's of promise to be something great!


Even if you don't ship FrUK, this blog and the mun are both amazing pieces of art. The unique comedy and art style alone are enough to make anyone want to wait for updates!


Oh and once you get to THAT post: Hetalia isn't ending, it's only just getting warmed up

The Contenders


Have an oc of your own or seen a really bad/good one? Submit it and they review it. Their reviews are funny and witty, it's nice to see someone call out all the bad oc's.

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