Top Ten Hetalia Hetero Pairings

I haven't seen one of these yet, so I thought 'Why not? '. No nyotalia pairings, sorry.

The Top Ten

1 Austria x Hungary

It's a canon ship, and its absolutely adorable. It's clear that even after their split they still love each other's.

Just thinking about the extent to which both of them are willing to go to protect and please the other makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
Besides, Hungary's heart is still "Austrian territory" even after the divorce and there are plenty of hints that he loves her too.

They are so perfect for each other!

They just perfect for each other

2 Prussia x Hungary

He's into her, and I like when the childhood friend wins the object of their affection for once, since it's not too common for them to come out on top in anime these days.

They've known each-other since forever and Prussia is, like, the only person who knows the real Hungry instead of the lady she is now.

Honestly, I don't particularly like Hungary with Austria because she changes hersef to be with him, trying to be a perfectly, girly little lady. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to say that she doesn't have her feminine qualities because she does, but no matter how hard she pretends she's not perfect and dainty and I'm so glad she's not. There's a large part of her that's more rough and tomboyish that just wants to let loose and have fun, be feisty, be the dominant and ferocious woman that she really is. However, Hungary always suppresses this side when she's with Austria because she's trying to be what she thinks he wants. With Prussia, however, it's a different story. When they were friends and 'boys' so long ago they were really close and rough-and-tumble with each other. Those days might be past now, but Prussia still brings that fun side out of her so as much as she might call him annoying she wouldn't want him to go away. They're kind of like reluctant besties.

Now ...more

I think these two, despite their clashes work well together, especially if you’ve seen that clip in the axis powers where Prussia gives Hungary his coat to cover up with. Prussia seemed to respect that Hungary was female and even asked her to go hunting with him in the same episode.

3 America x Belarus

The worst ship Ever.

I Really hate This.

I'm not that into it but if if we're cannon

This ship must rot and burn in hell. - MarByz

4 Canada x Ukraine

I personally see them as friends!
But I headcanon Ukraine as a lesbian and Canada as pan leaning towards guys. However, I could see them with a strong relationship as friends. They both have similar personalities. But I don't think having someone similar to you as a significant other would be that great. Having someone too much like you, could be frustrating. As for friends, I believe they would support eachother. CanUkr Brotp for life!

My absolute OTP. One of the few pairings in Hetalia that actually make sense. It really deserves to be much more popular than it is. - MarByz

YES! They're both shy, quiet and adorable who wouldn't XP

Love this crack ship! One of my Otp's for sure. :3

5 Taiwan x Japan

Like... this ship has everything: love, sweetness and huge amount of angst
I love the idea of our cute but still brave Taiwan helping Japan with his traumas <3
+ it has a lot of amazing arts... believe me

I feel like this ship gets so much hate. Especially, from Taiwan-haters! This ship is actually my second OTP in Hetalia! I both love Taiwan and Japan, and they're so adorable together!

They're adorable!

Love the ship

6 Lithuania x Belarus

Both shared miraculous History together, shame bith dpesn't have the same feelings

So adorable! :D

7 France x Seychelles
8 England x Seychelles

I'll have to break your heart, but, England is confirmed gay, and Seychelles hates him. There's no love between these two

I love this couple to death. It's a really cute pairing. England the tsundere and Seychelles the kinda tsundere but deep down an insecure girl are really cute. England is the type of guy that doesn't know how to express his emotions and Seychelles is also the same way. Their hate relationship is what makes them a good pair. It's the shojo I always wanted to read. They kinda have a master slave relationship but in a historical way.


9 Taiwan x China

The way they interact with each other is lightin my day

10 Switzerland x Liechtenstein

These two together are AWESOME. They need more love!

Yesss love this paring

Really cute!

I love them so much! It's my OTP ^^
They look so cute together :3 And, they're NOT brother and sister. So it's not Incest. So... love them! ♥

The Contenders

11 Netherlands x Belgium

It's obvious Netherlands loves her very much and they would fit together nicely. She can make him happy and make him see the brighter side of life. He also seems pretty chill when dealing with her and you can tell he seems to be a responsible sibling but as a lover he would be very devoted to her and Belgium would be the same =3

Neth loves his sister deep down and I'm sure they feel strongly for the other. Incest but cute

12 Poland x Hungary

I love both of them and because of they history and because of how poland is more girly and hungary manly they are just perfekt vor euch other🇭🇺♥️🇵🇱

13 Turkey x Ukraine

This is my otp because this is a historical ship, and they are so cute together! They have a good relationship in last years and also I think they would like each other in Hetalia too!

They are perfect together, I love this ship

14 Russia x Belarus
15 Sealand x Wy

Awww so cute and fluffy

They're so adorable, this is underrated!

Ships between children seem to be extremely underrated because this fandom seems to be too focused on the smut. Please let me enjoy reading fluffy fics of my children in peace

These two are too cute!

16 America x Vietnam

AmeViet is my life

;;-;; love this ship too much

17 Spain x Belgium

This is Top Ten Hetalia Hetero Pairings, No nyotalia pairings!
yet Spain x Romano are on place 27 and Spain x Belgium on 33

18 France x Belgium

Don't you think this pairing makes sense? Why nobody supports it?

19 France x Monaco
20 Estonia x Ukraine
21 Taiwan x Hong Kong

They're pretty cute

This ship is very interesting, and always surprises you. The fandom has cherished it less then other ships, but this one is my personal OTP. They feel like magnets in my eyes �" north and south, and they don't repel. They attract, and are easy to potray, and they would have a very interesting and wonderful relationship if they ever decide to hang out.

22 Canada x Seychelles
23 Germany x Ukraine
24 Romania x Hungary

Hungary has more chemistry with Romania than Austria, and a more intense relationship, and she doesn't need to be fake, lady like.

25 Slovakia x Czechia

ma bois

26 Prussia x Czechia

This couple kinda makes sense

27 Thailand x Vietnam
28 Switzerland x Belgium

Chocolate Alliance!


29 Norway x Belarus

I don't see why this isn't more popular. Just take a look at Norway's stoic personality and Belarus's sarcasticness. It's so perfect and I love it.

I ship this in Nyo form.

30 America x Ukraine

My second, albeit former, OTP after CanUkr, though I still love it. Another pairing that actually makes sense, both historically- and personality wise. It makes me really sad that it gets so little love in the fandom (I don’t understand why)((((((. - MarByz

My second, albeit former, OTP after CanUkr, though I still love it. Another pairing that actually makes sense, both personality- and historically wise. It makes me really sad that it gets so little love in the fandom (I don’t understand why) ((((. - MarByz

31 Prussia x Ukraine

I think Prussia would like Ukraine's boobs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

32 South Korea x Belarus

Cute but AmeBel is still my OTP

33 Prussia x Belarus
34 Romano x Liechtenstein

Adorable, the contrast of their personalities is just too perfect

35 England x Liechtenstein

This pairing is so cute, I think Liechtenstein should go with someone who will treat her like a lady, I still love RomaLiecht and ItaLiecht though X3

36 Japan x Taiwan

In my opinion, it works perfectly <3

37 Poland x Ukraine

Not my OTP, but it's a historical ship. - MarByz

38 Prussia x Liechtenstein

This is probably the cutest pairing

39 Russia x Hungary

They actually have history together...

They were both oppressed by Mongolia
Hungary was under soviet rule for quite a while
Even as a member of the EU, Hungary has "forbidden" ties with Russia today.

40 S. Korea x Belarus

I don't even know why I ship it... Maybe because they're two misunderstood cuties who need love? And korbela has a lot of amazing fanarts

41 France x Vietnam
42 Taiwan x Macau

I ship this, and no one will stop me.

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