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Best Hetalia pairing? Including yaoi, yuri, and hetero pairings.

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France x England

They're old rivals, friends and lovers. I love the complexity of the relationship. Also I love two old men talking about how much the world changed.

Honestly the fact that they pretend to hate each other makes it even cuter

This is my ever favourite ship! I cannot see one without the other and even though they act as though they dislike each other they obviously care about one another and I cannot be happier that this is the number one ship!

Still on USUK
But I don't mind FrUK
But I also don't like it when people call FrUK toxic for France

Germany x Italy

Words cannot describe how much I love the pairing Germany x Italy. It's so cute. Just imagine a tough German guy who has spent most of his life fighting, stuck in wars, and has had tons of depression. He's strict as frick, always goes by the rules, and seems to scare others.

Now, take a cute Italian and put him into the German's life.
Italy just turned Germany's world upside down and taught him how to see things in a new way. He taught Germany to be happy and let loose every once in a while.
Now just picture Germany wanting to protect this beautiful mind he had opened up upon. Germany would do anything for Italy, just because he had changed his world so much in a good way.

Let's not forget the time Holy Rome and Chibitalia kissed, mm? I know in my gut that Holy Rome is Germany. I even looked up "where was Holy Rome located" and sure enough, it was a small part of Germany before Germany fully became a country.

Anyways, Germany and Italy belong together. You ...more

Canon, but not. It’s really fluffy and I love how they care about each other so much.

Their love is so obvious why not make it cannon already. Italy completely changed Germany life and made him a better person faction. Germany will do anything to protect Italy. They love each other no matter what happens in life It is just so beautiful

You have to love GerIta because well, its just so adorable if you think about it they can both help each other, Italy helps Germany by being there for him while Germany helps Italy by protecting him

Russia x Canada


America x England

This ship is literally the best that has ever existed. There is so much history between these two. The historical fanfiction on this pair is an absolute joy to read (and write).

It's not incest, honestly those who think it is forget history and don't understand the structure Hima made for Hetalia. If you think it's brotherly, that's just your opinion. It's canon that America got his independence saying "I am not your brother"

This is my favourite ship ever! They have changed my life really, they changed my opinion on incest and pedophilic relationships and have really just taught me so much. Despite all the angst and emotion in their relationship they still manage to be friends with added sexual tension as France said. I definitely ship them as being an equal relationship though, I hate seeing either of them being potrayed as weak when they are just both so strong! You can see them everywhere in real life! They have a special relationship! They are just too adorable and sexy for their own good. Hima ships them, they are practically canon. With all of the awesomeness that is their relationship you simply cannot ship them! They will always be my OTP.

They're beautiful together. You can tell they really care for each other, and England's way to treating America is so cute

Prussia x Romano
Spain x Prussia
Latvia x Sealand
Denmark x Norway

I love this couple so much!

My forever OTP in Hetalia! You can tell that Denmark loves Norway, and I bet Norway secretly loves the Dane back! ;3 I like this ship for so many reasons! I like how Norway stops Denmark from doing anything crazy, and how they have different personalities! This ship needs more love. DenNor forever!

I can't get enough of this ship. I just love it. And its from the ONLY animie I like.

I love this couple! I'm so glad it is so high up on this scale normally it like isn't even on the scale! They are too cute the hyper and the tsundere! Forever friends and simply awesome! Too cute for there own good! DeNor is the best!

Spain x Romano

A great ship, cause, opposites attract! Lovino is a total tsundere but he actually cares while Antonio nis chill and cares a lot about him! Its adorable!

Too cute, they both love tomatoes. Romano is adorable, Spain is sexy. Romano is a tsundere yet cares for Spain greatly he even tried to protect Spain which was just the most adorable thing that has every happen in the history of everything! Spain protects Romano whenever he can and just loves his little tomato so much! They are getting married or have gotten married, they are canon and simply adorable. Anyone who doesn't ship this has a mental problem.

I really love this couple and it's just adorable

Spain always protects Romano.

Norway x Denmark

The Contenders

Hungary x Austria

Often overshadowed by the other great ships involving Hungary and Austria, but this one is just... beautiful. They have fantastic chemistry and historical support to boot. They’re both hilarious and lovable characters, and their dynamic is refreshing compared to the norm with many hetero ships depicting a dominant guy and a submissive girl. HunAus really changes that, in my opinion. Gah, I just really, really love this ship. It warms my heart man.

Great pairing with historical context. They just works so well together and their friendship is prevalent through every timeline.

Greece x Japan

There the best pairing cause their meant for eachother on the way that they litteraly share every thing in common... :D

Did they sleep with each other?
No angst,just Foof ^(^

Prussia x Hungary

Best and only hetero couple in hetalia in my opinion, they are just too funny and cute! Hungary is super feminist and althouh she does kind of lose that aspect when she realizes she is a girl she regains it! Prussia is just Prussia he is awesome and doesn't take any. He cares for Hungary in the most cute way and they were practically child hood sweet hearts!

They make me tear up :')

Sir Awesomness of Awesomeville and Hungary

Yes this couple is so adorable~^ ^

Russia x China

Soo Foofy and cute ^(^
I love how Russia stalks China in a Panda suit sometimes

It's really historically accurate

RoChu is the best ship! It is historically canon and it's adorable.

How can Russia x Belarus be higher than RoChu this is madness

America x Japan

They are so cute together! Their personalities are similar and different at the same time, and their present- day relations are very strong.

Their personality contrasts well enough to keep their individuality intact but shares enough interests for them to bond. I also feel like they compliment each other in their differences so they both grow with the help of the other ;u;

They go so well together, they're allies, America helps Japan get out of his shell, etc. What reason is there not to be an otp honestly

England x Japan

Pirate England and Samurai Japan together though.
Also have you guys seen HetaOni? That's how I actually started shipping AsaKiku. Amazing teamwork!

These two just get each other, I think the fact that they both feel lonely, even isolated from the others is what makes it the cute dynamic it is, they have each other, but are lonely together.

so cute!

Lithuania x Poland

These two are just adorable, they're made for each other. The proof is everywhere.

Most canon pair I think.. How can you not love them?
They are adorable and actually really strong together!

Even the their bad history they will always be their for each other

I bet they watch mean girls every other day

Sweden x Finland

SQUEE I LoVE ThiS SHIp and it makes me happy cause sweden is canonically gay for finland (it was confirmed)

SuFin is my 3rd list! It's so cute how they felt awkwardness and silence with each other!


Just married ^(^
Practically canon
No angst though =(

Prussia x Canada

I guess I could see this pear but it would be cute at the same time because I mean prussia is loud and Canada is shy in other words cute

Screw the canon, this ship has stolen my soul

Prussia is like the pancakes and Canada is of course the maple syrup! you can't have one without the other!

OTP FOREVER! The Alone Together and Opposite Attract concept fits them so well!

Russia x Belarus


England x Russia

I don't know why this pairing isn't more popular, they're absolutely perfect for each other! Plus they're adorable!

Austria x Hungary

This pair is perfect <3 I don't know why it's not higher


Russia x America

I love Rusame- both their cultures are so different and are politically split, and Alfredo and Ivan want to be friends, but Russia and America are on edge even if they say they are friends. If only they could just be happy together as Alfred and Ivan- plus they are both space dorks and are laid back.

The comment above says it all.

So sexy and adorable at the same time? You can literally ship them however you want? Into hardcore smut? Rusame. Into angsty crying? Rusame. Into fluffy adorableness? Rusame. You can't go wrong with this pairing! (though to be honest I prefer america topping~ I think Russia would make an adorable bottom)

Look how they hated each other ^^

China x Japan

This ship all the way!

So sad but so good

They were like litteraly made for each other. I like to think that maybe Japan didn’t want China as a brother so that’s why he betrayed him when he didn’t understand his feelings

Hong Kong x Iceland

Historically this ship makes no sense
But then again
It's Hetalia
So I ship it well ^(^

They kind of remind me of hipsters.

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