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21 Prussia x Austria V 1 Comment
22 Hong Kong x Iceland

They kind of remind me of hipsters.

23 Austria x Switzerland
24 America x Belarus V 2 Comments
25 Russia x Prussia V 1 Comment
26 Australia x New Zealand

These two are so close they would never abandon each other, go ANZACs.

V 1 Comment
27 Switzerland x Liechtenstein

The brotherly sisterly love is just ugh..! I love it how Switzerland would do anything just for his sister and same with Liechtenstein doing everything to make her brother happy, just all the fluff and sweetness of these two siblings is just so cute and it makes you feel warm inside and even though when one is weak the other one wouldn't leave her/him, it just shows how much they cared for each other

I can't take this seriously after reading that lemon...

V 1 Comment
28 Turkey x Greece
29 Prussia x Italy
30 America x Vietnam

This ship is underrated needs more everything (except hate) - Ace_of_spades

This one's so adorable and it's underappreciated. Accept it.

This one is so cute! Even though I like AmeBel better I still love this one.

31 Netherlands x Germany
32 Hre x Chibitalia

These two has a sad love story I just want this two couples to get together again :c

33 France x America
34 France x Canada
35 Denmark x Sweden V 1 Comment
36 Spain x Belgium V 1 Comment
37 Romano x Italy
38 America x Canada
39 Spain x Belgium V 1 Comment
40 Hungary x Liechtenstein

Okay but picture this: Hungary and Liechtenstein sitting next to each other in front of a fire with a blanket wrapped around them, drinking cocoa while snow falls outside. Liechtenstein cuddles closer to Hungary and Hungary gently kisses her forehead

^^picture that and tell me that they're not a precious, perfect couple!

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