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Best Hetalia pairing? Including yaoi, yuri, and hetero pairings.

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21 China x Japan

This ship all the way!

22 England x Russia

I don't know why this pairing isn't more popular, they're absolutely perfect for each other! Plus they're adorable!

23 Russia x Belarus
24 Norway x Iceland

They are one of the best incest couples and they really fit each other well. NorIce forever!

They are so cute together Norice for the win!

I love it. - Kikira

25 Belarus x Liechtenstein

I feel like they complete each other, like Liechtenstein helps Belarus get past her history and lighten up and Belarus helps Liechtenstein come out of her shell a bit and see that the world exists beyond her brother, you know? Plus they're just way too cute together~!

I mean imagine Liechtenstein braiding Belarus's hair, and Belarus blushing as they hold hands walking down the street~! Too cute!

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26 Russia x America

I love Rusame- both their cultures are so different and are politically split, and Alfredo and Ivan want to be friends, but Russia and America are on edge even if they say they are friends. If only they could just be happy together as Alfred and Ivan- plus they are both space dorks and are laid back.

The comment above says it all.

So sexy and adorable at the same time? You can literally ship them however you want? Into hardcore smut? Rusame. Into angsty crying? Rusame. Into fluffy adorableness? Rusame. You can't go wrong with this pairing! (though to be honest I prefer america topping~ I think Russia would make an adorable bottom)

Look how they hated each other ^^

27 Bulgaria x Romania
28 Hre x Chibitalia

These two has a sad love story I just want this two couples to get together again :c

Yup, I also wish they could be togtheter again.-.

29 Prussia x Austria


30 Hong Kong x Iceland

They kind of remind me of hipsters.

31 Austria x Switzerland
32 America x Belarus

So flipping cute I just can't

This is my OTP :3 They're so cute together!

33 Russia x Prussia

the best!

34 America x Vietnam

This ship is underrated needs more everything (except hate) - Ace_of_spades

This one's so adorable and it's underappreciated. Accept it.

This one is so cute! Even though I like AmeBel better I still love this one.

35 Australia x New Zealand

These two are so close they would never abandon each other, go ANZACs.

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36 Switzerland x Liechtenstein

The brotherly sisterly love is just ugh..! I love it how Switzerland would do anything just for his sister and same with Liechtenstein doing everything to make her brother happy, just all the fluff and sweetness of these two siblings is just so cute and it makes you feel warm inside and even though when one is weak the other one wouldn't leave her/him, it just shows how much they cared for each other

I can't take this seriously after reading that lemon...

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37 Turkey x Greece
38 Prussia x Italy
39 Netherlands x Germany
40 France x America
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