Best Hey Arnold! Episodes From Season 1

The Top Ten

1 Downtown As Fruits

You've got my vote!

2 Stoop Kid
3 Helga's Makeover
4 Eugene's Bike

This episode was so great. Remember when Eugene said he wanted his bike MORE than World Peace? That's... That's not good.

Poor eugene the most unlucky kid in the show. Man that kid has bad luck. Good episode

5 Pigeon Man

, This is awefull. Who dit that? ", People Arnold! " Yeah, the Ending was so sad, Arnold don't be sad...

6 24 Hours to Live

This one's my favorite.

Don't hit me! I'll hit me!

7 Snow
8 Heat
9 The Little Pink Book
10 Arnold's Christmas

The Contenders

11 Magic Show
12 Biosquare

I love this episode helga totally flips because the dipping faucet

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