Best Hey Arnold! Episodes From Season 2

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1 Arnold's Halloween
2 Arnold Saves Sid

This one is entertaining! Really makes me laugh. Sid is so funny in this one!

3 The New Teacher
4 Save the Tree
5 Eugene Goes Bad

This is my personal favorite. It really gives us a look at if Eugene was bad!

6 Best Friends

Worst episode ever you mean! All because of the friendship girl drama issues between Nadine and Rhonda.

7 Ms. Perfect
8 Helga's Love Potion
9 Quantity Time
10 Rhondas Glasses

The Moral is just so Amazing here and this Episode makes Rhonda too my absoulutly favorite Characters in Hey Arnold!

This one is ausome the only episode rhonda was actually nice ( but at first mean) and becomes a geek

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11 Longest Monday

This is also one of my personal favorites.

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