Best Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Manga Madness

I picked this one on the top because it uses real Japanese text and a classic quote, "American cartoons are terrible! " - cwf123

I think all of the episodes are good - Gehenna

2 Ninjcompoop

Yumi becomes a Ninja Rockstar. - cwf123

3 Koi Fish

I picked this episode on there because the Koi says some classic lines. - cwf123

4 Home Insecurity

The Personal. Automated. Lookout. Had a great twist in the plot. - cwf123

5 Collect All 5

Ami is dying to get a Bunny Huggles. - cwf123

6 Evil AmiYumi

The episode is like living in Bizarro World. - cwf123

7 Julie AmiYumi

The episode revealed the origins of the AmiYumi band. - cwf123

8 Hungry Yumi
9 In the Cards

Everyone knows that this is the best HHPAY episode. - PerfectImpulseX

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Parodied episode was the best.

10 Dance a Go Go

The Contenders

11 Talent Suckers

The episode set up two spin-off episodes. - cwf123

12 Ole

I didn't like the episode because it uses Spanish instead of just Japanese and English. - cwf123

13 Small Stuff

Ami and Yumi get small in the dryer. - cwf123

14 Ami Ami
15 Ami Goes Bad

I love the part where Ami plays the drums with her barefeet.

16 Brat Attack
17 Opera Yumi

I like it because of the hypnosis.

18 Hypno Kaz
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